The Stages Of Intellectual Development

The stages of Intellectual development on Helen Sellers and Malcolm X The stages of Intellectual development were invented by Jean Pigged after the development of children’s thinking for more than a fifty years. There are four stages: imitation, separation, classify and metaphors. Stages intellectual development is placated to every learning process such as Malcolm X a man that learned through a dictionary. Also Helen Keller, a woman who was blind and deaf. However, learned by touching objects while her teacher spelled their names to her. Helen Keller, who was mentioned before, felt like a ship lost in the fog.

Helen was in chaos, kicking and screaming. The family finally got a teacher, Annie Sullivan. Miss Sullivan gave a doll to Helen and wrote the letters: D-O-L-L. She tried to copy the teacher, but she didn’t understand. It wasn’t until one week of learning that she understood that everything had a name. Keller kept progressing step by step, from a syllable to even a line from Shakespeare. At the end, Hellene learn the abstract ideas. Malcolm X was a brave man that fought for the rights of people. Nevertheless his methods gave him a lot of troubles. During his time in Charleston prison, a guy named Bimbo recommended him a book. Started reading it but couldn’t understand it. You see, Malcolm had difficulties expressing himself, he didn’t had an extended vocabulary. It’s because of this that he got hold of a dictionary and started learning every word in it. He also copy the whole dictionary and as a result, his writing and speaking skill improve. The form of learning process that Helen Keller and Malcolm X are similar. They both pass throughout the four stages of the learning process. Miss Sullivan and the prisoner Bimbo were their guide, the person Helen and Malcolm X imitate.

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Malcolm learned rods from the dictionary and Helen by touching objects while their names were spelled, but the idea is that both acquire knowledge. Both wanted change in their life, resolve their problems, Jump the adversity and finish at the top of the mountain. I identify myself more with Malcolm X because he was a man that without education or resources decided to learn by himself. He started by reading a book, something that was really hard because he didn’t the meaning of many words. He showed me the power words can have. However, Helen Keller courage surprise me even with her physical limitation, she was determined to learn.

They are both great persons that deserve our respect and admiration. Everybody has problems but only a few look for answers. Helen wanted desperately to understand and communicate with other people. Malcolm X wanted to express himself by letters and speech. Both had a lot of dissolution but they never gave up. They were able to find answers to their problems and became happy. Helen could speak with other people and Malcolm could express himself by letters. If they could solve their problem, everybody have the capacity to do it. The Stages Of Intellectual Development By Derrick-Arioso