The strategic role of Human Resource Management

Lawrencepur textile mill is unique in the industry and always try to bring the new variety in the market. For this purpose the company need competent people that can face challenges. Corporate Role: In Dawood group there are four Strategic business units and there is only one HR department for all businesses. HR department is handling all the businesses very effectively and efficiently because all the businesses are making huge profit. Business level Role: It is the HR management responsibility to hire people that can face changes and HR management is successful in hiring those people.

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It is evident from their valuable products and that there is no competitor in the industry. The HR manager Mr. Aleem Dani said that two competitors came in the industry, but due the high quality of the product they were not able to compete and after few years he was out from the market. It is the strategic role of the HR management at business level. HR role in the department level: HR management at lawrencepur is also playing a great strategic role by hiring competent people according to the requirement of the specific department, so that employees can retain themselves in the culture of the department.

It is indicated by the department turnover rate that is very low. The HR manager said that after selection of candidates, first of all we make an employee orientation program in which they explain the matters as working hours and vacations, culture. Employees are introduced to his/her supervisor, and then explain the exact nature of the job. The HR manager said that we mostly take experienced people but if we select a candidate who is not trained then we use the following training techniques. On the job training :-In which employees are trained by actually doing the job.

When a person is going to retire especially at management position then we hire a new candidate for that position, one month before the retirement of that employee so that new employee can be trained by that person. In Lawrencepur the appraisal performance is accomplished in such a way that first of all a person from HR department appraise the performance of the employee then it is reviewed by the department Head of that employee. If the head of that department is agreed then it is evaluated by Divisional Head/GM.

Pay Plan at Lawrencepur is according to the established scales of the company. They have already set pay plans for candidates coming from different institutions like PU, (Lums), IBA Karachi and other private institutions. e. g Mr. Dani said that the ‘MBA’ candidates that are from any private institution will get starting pay of Rs. 4000/ but candidate from PU will get about Rs. 9000/. He said that we also bargain with the new employee to set pay. Mr. Aleem Dani said that we have ten different motivational grades e. g.

Engineer, senior engineer, and senior engineer officer etc. and difference of pay between these levels is very small, these are only for motivation. The company managers at Lawrencepur believe that giving special incentives and bonuses to employees could be helpful in employees’ motivation. The HR manager said that to motivate employees we have established different scales as described above for incentive purposes. When we promote an employee to next level, although the difference of pay between these levels may be very low but employee feels him at upper level.

Pay For Performance And Financial Incentives for operative employees at Lawrencepur:- ; Guaranteed piece work plan: At lawerancpur for operaticve employees there is basic pay and if the employee exceed the required standard then he will be paid extra financial incentive e. g At lawencepur each should have to prepare two suits in a day but if he prepare more than two suits then he will be paid extra Rs 100 per suit. The management thinks that this incentive plan causes to increase the efficiency of the worker.