The Swot Essay

Whenever a business discussion or a meeting holding up subjected by “Athletics wear”, Nikkei will be one of the most important part of discussion. That because it is an incorporated company that designs, develops & markets worldwide athletic footwear, apparel, equipment & accessories. Nikkei spread over two hundred countries with primary market regions in the US, Europe, Asia & the both Americas. In spite of the fact that it’s named after a woman (the Greek goddess of victory), the company had been perceived as being mostly about men. It’s kind of sarcastic.

And the SOOT Analysis which will be carried out in this essay will give an overview of what are the chances of Nikkei to enter female athletic wear market as stronger as in male side. The upcoming paragraphs will first identify the internal environmental factors of Nikkei like Strengths & Weaknesses. Then it will continue the analysis of external factors like Threats & Opportunities that Nikkei may face & achieve in future. First, we’ll talk about Nine’s Strengths which refers to the distinctive qualities, sources or reputation of a business or organization.

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Obviously, to be a global company you should have a strong base to stand on. One of the Strength points in the above case study is, Nikkei In its thirty years history had become the undisputed leader in sports marketing. And to enter female athletic wear market we find that Nikkei Goddess stores have the comforting feel of a woman’s own home. Moreover, they now have a Combination of star designer John Hook & newcomer Mindy Grossman, vice president of global apparel whose career has included helping make Ralph Lauren into a retail icon.

In the other hand, we’ll find out what are the Weaknesses that Nikkei suffers or the areas in which Nine’s lacks & need to perform better like what earlier mentioned in the introduction that Most of its history, the company had been perceived as being mostly about men. In addition of that, their efforts along eighteen months in redesigning the shoes & clothes was a big turnoff for women because one of them only kept up with fashion & the other not which make it hard for women to coordinate between them.

Third, we’ll mention what is the Threat that may harm Nine’s performance coming from external factor. It is clearly mentioned in the case study that Air Jordan running out of air & brands like Checkers digging into the teen market with shoes inspired by skateboarding which predict how much competitive they will be in the future with Nikkei. The fourth body paragraph will shows what are the Opportunities that Nikkei may main advantages over its competitors in case they made some developments.

The most important one is that Nikkei Throwing together a diverse team of people with different backgrounds & different levels of seniority, which has found that it can keep The Soot Essay By spiffiness John Hook believes that the real power of Nikkei Goddess is not about traffic at stores. It’s about changing minds inside the company. In conclusion, this essay carried out the SOOT analysis on Nikkei Goddess organization whose trying to enter the market of female athletic wear.