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G-shock is a watch band of Cassia. In the following words; I will bring out its strength, weak, opportunity and threat. Firstly, including me and my group mates recognize strength and weak mainly be partial to external factors of the firm (g-shock, Cassia), on the other hand, opportunity and threat trend to internal factors, they influenced by the market and society etc.. Strength, G-shock has many series, such as BABY-G, G-

According this diversification strategy; it can spread risks and seeking stable development, Cassia has a long history, Cassia brand is protected with 1,986 registered trademarks in 187 countries around the world, so it is creditable, consumers are confidence with the products. Weak, the design of the watches more often than not is visually too simple; it is hard to have a breakthrough, consumer feel boring of the watch appearance and they have other choice, Cassia faces is that they re not as large as their competitors.

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This means that they do not have the same economy of scale benefits that Sony or Toshiba may possess. Opportunity, CASSIA can tie-up with fashion houses and sponsoring events, the products are more innovative designs and styles to attract the youth, nowadays, 22 century, the internet is developed, the corporation easily propagate thought the media. Then consumers easily be in touch with the advertisements.

Threat, Cassia faces constant competitive rivalry from its larger competitors. The consumer electronics industry is constantly evolving. If Cassia makes the wrong decisions, their products could quickly become obsolete in this constantly changing industry. Also Cassia’s sales are concentrated in the Japanese market. If Japan is unable to recover from the recent tsunami, Cassia could see its sales drop significantly. The soot