The Tempest- English Essay

Comparing and Contrasting Ariel & Clinical and their relationships with Prosper in the Tempest Ariel and Clinical are both servants of Prosper on the island. However, they have very different roles and attitudes. In this essay I will compare and contrast Ariel and Clinical. Both these characters bring out the good and bad sides of Prosper! Their main contrast is that Ariel is a very angelic figure that is very humane and moral whereas Clinical is very arrogant and disobedient.

Described as a ‘savage and deformed slave’ Clinical is a recognizable human being but is rather filthy, dirty monster-like character. He is meant to be Prospered servant but is more like a slave as he does not receive pay and is treated rather harshly by Prosper and his daughter Miranda. Prosper orders Clinical by saying, “Dost thou fetch our wood”, “Dost thou make our fire” and “Fetch us in Fuel”. So Clinical doesn’t have the hardest of Jobs but these simple Jobs aren’t even done to a good standard. This is because of Scallion’s extremely poor attitude.

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When he is given an order to fetch wood he Just says, “There’s wood enough within”. He Just refuses to follow most of Prospered orders unless threatened! This must be one reason why Prosper despises him so much. He isn’t very wise either, as he merely exchanges a harsh master (Prosper) for a drunken one (Stephan), and wants to serve as a foot-licker’. Due to this many people would say Clinical deserves to be a slave! You could say that Clinical was usurped by Prosper! Ariel is also one of Prospered servants and is described as ‘an airy spirit’.

Unlike Clinical Ariel is very delicate, obedient and loyal who always attends to his master’s needs and does it with great intent. “My lord it shall be done”, My master”, “I’ll fetch them, sir” and “What would my potent master? Here I am” are just some of the ways Ariel loyally addresses his master Prosper. Ariel has many difficult and challenging tasks to carry out during the course of the play, but no matter how difficult the task he’ll always deliver the goods! Also, because of Riel’s non-human abilities he is often seen performing white magic.

Due to his skills he often appears performing his most important tasks in many different guises: a flaming light in the storm, a nymph of the sea, a harpy at the banquet and Ceres in the masque. “Enter Ariel like a harpy’. Ariel has such great talents that at Prospered command he performs near-impossible feats, such as fetching ‘dew / From the still- vexed Bermuda’, treading the ooze / Of the salt deep’ and running ‘upon the sharp wind of the north’ Before Clinical was made slave, life on the island was a very different story.

Prosper and Miranda were quite new to the island and when they found Clinical he was Just a native who roamed around everyday and ate as much as he could. The island was his! Prosper and Miranda were very nice to him, they taught him how to speak their language while Clinical showed them around the island telling them all the best places to find food and where all the best views were etc. However, things began to change as Prosper and Scallion’s relationship began to worsen! This is because Prosper started to take over the island and this unleashed the fierce and monstrous side of Clinical. This island’s mine by Accords my mother”. The Tempest- English Essay By indirectly Clinical claims that the island is his because to his mother- the toll & evil witch Accords! However, things didn’t become better for Clinical as he once again proved how foolish he was by raping Prospered only daughter Miranda. In mine own cell, till thou didst seek to violate the honor of my child”. This wasn’t a very good idea as Prosper is very protective over his daughter and his arrogance didn’t stop there, as he didn’t regret it one bit! “O ho, O ho! Wouldn’t had been done. Thou didst prevent me – I had peopled else / This isle with Sicilians. ” This didn’t go down well with Miranda either as she couldn’t help but shout abuse to this ‘hag-seed’! “Abhorred slave, / Which any point of goodness wilt not take, / Being capable of all ill! I pitied thee,” However Clinical didn’t stop there! He couldn’t have insulted them anymore! Muff taught me language, and my profit onto / Is, I know how to curse. THE RED PLAGUE RID YOU / For learning me your language! ” As the raging Clinical couldn’t stop shouting abuse at Prosper and Miranda this surely must be why he was enslaved!

Before Ariel became Prospered servant, he was imprisoned by the foul witch, Accords. Imprisoned “Into a cloven pine” for “A dozen years”. After, being freed by Prosper, Ariel wholeheartedly served as Prospered servant awaiting freedom. As Prosper is the reason why he’s free from imprisonment, Ariel gladly fulfils all of his aster’s needs! “l thank thee master” Ariel has a very eager attitude as he constantly awaits orders! Ariel will now be ever grateful to Prosper, as without him Ariel would have been stuck in that tree for eternity with no one apart from Prosper having the ability to do so.

However, Riel’s attitude isn’t always perfect as he is often begging Prosper to set him free, but servitude in Prospered vision is a necessary piece of gratitude for the kindness he has done. “l prettier, / Remember I have done thee worthy service; / Told thee no lies, made thee no mistakes, served / Without or grudge r grumblings: thou didst promise / To bate me a full year” We have two completely different types of Prosper through out the course of the play, but his exchanges with Ariel has really brought out the best of him!

There really has been a sense of affection and mutual respect between these two very important characters. Prosper feels like he can really trust Ariel to do the most significant Jobs! Their relationship could really be described as a father and son relationship. You can clearly see this as both of them work very closely to try and stop Trillion, Stephan and Scallion’s plot o kill Prosper, to save Gonzalez and Alonso from being murdered by Sebastian and Antonio. There were many more swell! However, his mood does vary, as sometimes he seems affectionate, calling Ariel ‘bird’ and ‘my fine spirit’.

But, at other times, he calls Ariel ‘moody or ‘malignant thing. When Ariel demands ‘my liberty, Prosper threatens him with twelve more years of imprisonment! However, the best exchange between them must be when Ariel describes the plight of Prospered enemies, and he says that the sight of them would make Prosper feel compassion. ARIEL: If you now led them, your affections / Would become tender. PROSPER: Dost thou think so, spirit? ARIEL: Mine would, sir, were I human. PROSPER: And rennet shall.

This was incredible as you could see that Prosper really took into account what Ariel was saying and he actually wanted to know his servant’s opinion! The main reason why this exchange was the greatest was that Ariel turns Prosper from a revenge- seeking magician into a kind torturing human being who is ready to tortoise his greatest enemies! The relationship between Clinical and Prosper has really brought out the worst of Prosper! Most of their exchanges are full of insults as Scallion’s bad attitude leads to Prosper shouting abuse at him! ” A devil, a born devil, on whose nature / Nurture can never stick. Due to all of this, it’s quite clear that Clinical doesn’t like Clinical. This is probably why he chose to follow a drunken master (Trillion) rather than an evil master (Prosper). However, Clinical can’t avoid obeying his master’s orders as this will Just lead to Prosper threatening him! “If thou neglects, or dost unwillingly / What I command, I’ll rack thee with old cramps, / fill all why bones with aches, make thee roar, / That beasts shall tremble at thy din. ” This brings Prospered bad side as he is saying, that if you disobey me, I will torture you!

Prosper has the ability to make people suffer and feel lots of pain, you wouldn’t want to go against him! The last scene between Prosper and Clinical was rather special though as Clinical finally realizes that Clinical was probably affected by his presence because he did take over the island, which was originally Scallion’s. “This thing of darkness, I acknowledge mine. ” So you could say that Prosper learned from what he did! The main and only similarity between Clinical and Ariel is that they are both servant’s of Prosper!

There are many differences between them though, as Ariel was loyal, obedient and classed as an angelic figure whereas, Clinical is very disloyal, disobedient and he however, is classed as a “diem-devil”! Their attitudes are very different as Ariel works for Prosper happily and wholeheartedly! I find Clinical the most interesting as his relationship with Prosper is rather cruel and unusual! Also, Clinical is brought up more in the book and is the real villain. His attitude and decisions Just bring a whole new dimension to the play!