The Tempest

The Rabbits: The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes Miranda a crucial character I have conceived within my play of The Tempest. Miranda generates several discoveries, beginning with the profound revelation of her past and the place in which she stands in society, as informed by Prosper. This enlightenment stimulates her to develop rapidly into a mature, decisive adult, capable of feeling and reciprocating true, romantic love.

ACTA SC: “At mine unworthiness, that dare not offer what I desire to give, and much less take what I shall die to want. ” Miranda is overcome with complex emotions, as she struggles to tell Ferdinand of her love. Shakespeare uses the language off riddle in order to express Marinara’s impassioned declaration, as though she suddenly can no longer stand the suspense and must know if Ferdinand accepts her. Her realization that she cannot live happily without him gives this discovery of what she deeply yearns or huge importance.

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While Miranda self-discovery is initiated by revelations about her past, the character of Alonso makes discoveries about himself when a grief stricken experience culminates his being, over the apparent loss of his children. He discovers the paramount realization, that power and wealth and wealth are of little significant when his most important treasures, his heirs, are lost to him. “Since I saw thee, diffraction of my mind amends, with which I fear madness held me….

Thy dukedom I sign, and do entreat though pardon me my wrongs. ” Act 5 Sc 1. Alliteration in “Mind, amends madness” lays an effective emphasis to the audience on the troubled mental state of Alonso, which is cleared abruptly by the sight of Prosper, and the realization of what Alonso must do. He realizes the need to hand Milan back to the rightful Duke and plead for his forgiveness. Alonso discovery of his profound love for his children and the existence of a humbler, more decent side of himself, brings about his transformation.

Reconciliation of Alonso with his past actions and his present situation The Rabbits: In contrast to the self-discoveries of The Tempest, it is the physical discovery of the colonization of Australia. The Tempest By Zestfully Through my study of the Tempest in conjunction with the picture book of ‘The Rabbits’ by Shawn Tan and John Married, I have learnt that transformation come about through events and experiences that force introspection and lead to self- discovery and renewed self-awareness.