Tourism Planning and development

ABE International Business College of Mallows Mallows, Vulcan Tourism, Planning and Development (Baling, Vulcan) Submitted By: Ma. Emily Joyce Mahayana Melvin Llamas Justice Marianne Mark Comma Cabala Baling is a first class, highly urban and the biggest municipality in Vulcan. It is a very progressive place because of the different major Banks you can locate in the town proper, which is one of the reasons why our group chooses this place for our term paper.

You can also find different hotels, resorts, schools, food chains, churches, hospitals, establishments and many shopping centers that make this town an ideal lace to build a business. Baling is also included in one of the historical places here in our country, it is where the physician and propagandist; Marino Pence came from; and it is the place where the first election in the Far East was held.

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Many businessmen also prefer Baling in putting up their real estates like Camel Homes which is owned by Many Villa, many people will buy a house and lot because the area is very accessible to the different establishments; which they can spend their leisure time, churches, schools, market, and hospitals. This place is also rich in Agricultural products like rice, corn because of the wide open field that can be located along ten Dona Remedial I Orlando Hallway. I Nell major Inaugurates are garments, pyrotechnics, swine, food/ food processing, furniture and chicken production.