Training and development

Answer any two questions. Questions 1 . Define Values. Critically evaluate “Laptop-Vernon” classification of values. How values affect the Business processes. 2. What are the various approaches to study BOB. Is B integrative science. Write critically the contribution of Max Weber. 3. Define leadership. “Effectiveness of leaders depend on how their leadership style inter-relates with situation in which they operate”. Explain the various leadership styles and types of interaction with suitable examples. 4. Define motivation.

Critically evaluate contribution of McGregor to motivation. Define learning . Compare and contrast conditioned and instrumental learning. Give an examples of how a particular behavior is learned and modified in organization. 2. Define attitude. How attitude is formed in an organization? How attitude could be changed in an organization? 3. What is meant by group. “The balance theory of Theodore Newcomer is a comprehensive theory of group formation”. Explain. 4. Define communication. What are the barriers of communication.

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