Tri-View National Bank: Creating Customer Engagement

If Trip-Blew Bank had a customer-focused priority strategy In place, they would attract and retain more customers. Customer engagement the process of building, nurturing, and preserving relationships with consumers, who then become “emotionally invested in the brand because they feel that the company is emotionally invested in them” (Tripartite, 2014, p. 126). Customer engagement becomes an emotional connect between the customer and the company.

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In order to create customer engagement, Trip-View Bank should collect information about customer expectations and use this Information to design, develop and deliver products/ services to cater to customer needs. The company should set up a mechanism to measure customer satisfaction levels with the products/services. To compete successfully in the market place, Trip-View should announce new products/services after more fully understanding their potential customer needs and expectations.

Organizations should not only fulfill customer needs, but offer innovative products/ services that have not yet been offered by their competitors. Organizations must delight consumers to better retain their loyalty. Try-Blew will build customer loyalty by creating trust. Regular and consistent customer Interaction will Identify the desired or needed products/services. Once the consumer is emotionally connected to the company or its brand, that consumer becomes a loyal one, and will only buy that company’s products/services.

Customer service begins when a company representative interacts with the customer to establish “The first moment of truth”, ND that customer is happily associated with the company. Trip-Blew should also increase and improve customer loyalty by providing accurate customer data for improved customer service. CRM can track purchase history, observe what customers are buying, and determine how to adjust marketing and product mix to spur continued purchases. CRM can also identify retention and defection rates.