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Early childhood development education CEDE) Certificate in Early childhood development education (CEDE) EMPLOYEES On the side of employees, there are seventy two professionally qualified lecturers employed by the government to handle the training of students. Furthermore, there are sixty four members of non-teaching and support staff. The institution is managed by a Board of Governors (B. O.

G): appointed by the Minister for Education according to the Education Act cap 21 loaf 1968 that was amended in 1980. The BOG members comprises of various professionals and prominent personalities drawn from various fields of professions. The current organization management structure comprises of the BOG, the Principal, who is the chief executive and also the secretary to the board of governors (BOG), a Deputy principal, two Deans- dean of curriculum who is in charge of academics and dean of students who is in charge of the students’ body affairs.

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Furthermore, there are various heads of departments and sectional heads especially for members of non teaching staff. The BOG also acts as an agent of the Teachers service commission (the teachers’ employer), it manages the teaching staff and is responsible for the colleges’ policy formulation. The Principal administers and coordinates the college programmer. The college therefore, has a management and administrative structure capable of responding to strategic plan challenges. THE COLLEGE ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Board of governors Deputy principal Dean of curriculum Dean of students Finance officer Assistant. DOS T.

P director Exams officer Assistant DOC Heads of departments Departmental heads (Non teaching staff Tutors Non teaching staff Students’ council Support staff Students’ body Fig 1 Monstrosity teachers’ college organizational chart THE VISION, MISSION, VALUES AND CORE-FUNCTIONS The Ministry of Education vision is “To have globally competitive quality education, training and research for Jenny’s sustainable development”, and Its mission is as follows – “To, promote, coordinate quality education, training and research for employment of individuals to become caring, competent and responsible citizens who value education as a life long process”.

It is from the vision and mission of the Ministry of Education (MOE) that Monstrosity Teachers College (MAT) developed its vision and mission statements that state as follows:- Vision: “A lead trainer of trustworthy and competent teachers”. Mission “promote and sustain the training of competent, qualified and effective teachers expectations of the 21st century’. These vision and mission statements help the institution to anchor its operations on certain principles and values.

Further, they guide the institution in the implementation of its programmer in line with the Ministry of Education requirements and gives a direction on how attain set targets. Principles and values of MAT Its major concern as a college is to produce a whole round teacher that can fit well into the society; a teacher that is resourceful in the society. The college further lives that this can be achieved through instilling the core values to them through existing curriculum and other college programmer. Core values include: * Professionalism * Team work * Integrity * efficiency * Respect for individual differences.