Unhappy customers – Sainsbury

I believe that this proves how Sainsbury’s are can use appraisals to their advantage by making staff happier and giving them goals to achieve to keep them focuses, and also discovering who needs to improve and letting them know, so that Sainsbury’s can carry on being efficient and keeping customers happy. However, Sainsbury’s don’t always use appraisals, which leads to unhappy customers and staff, and a loss of profit and customers.

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To improve, Sainsbury’s should make weekly or monthly appraisals to motivate and encourage staff which would lead to a better and more efficient store.

Question 5 – Evaluate the role of USDAW in helping Sainsbury’s and its employees meet their contractual obligations, work together to keep staff motivated and help Sainsbury’s meet their aims and objectives. USDAW is one of Britain’s largest trade unions with over 406,000 members nationwide.

They aim to recruit, organise and represent workers in the retail, distributive, manufacturing and service sectors for the purpose of securing the best possible terms and conditions and providing support and protection at work. USDAW helps Sainsbury’s and its employees to meet their contractual obligations and work together to keep staff motivated by offering protection to Sainsbury’s employees and making sure that both parties of the contract fulfil their duties, which motivates staff as it makes them feel safer and more secure in their job.

Recently USDAW teamed up with Sainsbury’s to help improve the way that staff are treated. Mark Coker, an employee of Sainsbury’s said: “I am so pleased that my colleagues have taken advantage of this great opportunity to learn and develop themselves, and that this partnership has given them the chance to develop their self-confidence. ” Moreover, an article on http://www. usdaw. org. uk/newsevents/news/2002/february/usdawmakinglifetastebetter.

Aspx says that the new deal offers “The improved agreement, Getting it Right, includes: Automatic trade union recognition, more union reps per store from a minimum of two to a maximum of four depending on the store’s size and induction facilities for new starters prior to the store opening, improvements to the regional and national consultative structures, improved training and development facilities for union reps, and the opportunity to influence improvements to pay and benefits. ” This shows that USDAW work to help staff at Sainsbury’s get the best out of their jobs, and make them feel happier and safer where they work.

Furthermore, USDAW helps staff at Sainsbury’s feel more secure by making sure that Sainsbury’s gives the staff everything stated in their contract. This means that staff are happier and more likely to turn up to work, benefiting both staff and Sainsbury’s ’s it means that Sainsbury’s staff are not unpredictable, but work efficiently and help Sainsbury’s achieve their aims and objectives, and it helps staff as it means that they can be sure in their job that they get everything they deserve and are treated fairly.

Besides, USDAW helps Sainsbury’s achieve their aims and objectives by giving the staff everything they need and want in work, and helping motivate them by letting staff know that if something goes wrong USDAW will protect and help them find justice. This means that staff are more motivated at work and work more efficiently, so that Sainsbury’s can meet their aims and objectives.

In conclusion, USDAW works with staff and Sainsbury’s to help both parties get what they want out of each other, and work together to be efficient and help staff feel safe and happy at work. Question 6 – Evaluate the research methods that you have used to complete your controlled assessments to conclude how valid and reliable the conclusions that you have made are. Research methods are the ways in which a person finds out information that they need in order to answer a question or find out more to do with a certain subject.

The research methods I used were found over the internet, and through asking members of staff at Sainsbury’s. I believe that these are trust-worthy methods as they are methods that I have supervised first hand. However, finding information on the internet is not always trustworthy as some sites may contain information that is exaggerated or false. I tried to avoid such websites by using sites that are connected with Sainsbury’s, such as the official Sainsbury’s website, and news sites.

I also believe that the conclusions I have made are valid, as from the many sources I have used, and the research I have done I have come to these conclusions using a broad and open mind, and using all my notes, and many other people opinions and views to narrow down the facts and create a conclusion that is the most likely, and most effective. Moreover, the ways in which I researched were in quiet, examination conditions, meaning I was on a computer, with no talking allowed, finding information to help me with this exam.

This helps my research as it means I haven’t spoken to other students and found my conclusions and my sources on what they have said, but I have done the research myself and read each article to find relevant information and make my conclusions. Overall, to evaluate I believe my research methods are reliable as I have made sure that I only used relevant information, by asking the current staff of local Sainsbury’s stores, and reading information on the official Sainsbury’s site, to ensure that the sources and conclusions I use and make are true, and use reliable and relevant facts.