Users of the product

Technology: Producing a Chest Questionnaire Who are he chest of draws going to be for? Children Juniors Adults How much are you willing to pay? 20-25 30-35 40-45 What materials would you prefer? Pine MDF Timber Ply What type of finish would you like? Plain Varnish Paint Where would the chest of drawers be used? Bedroom Kitchen Living room Do you have any items similar to chest of drawers? Yes No What will you use it for?

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What are you favorite colours? What type of chest of drawers do you want? 3-drawer narrow chest 3-drawer wide chest 3-plus-2-drawer chest 5-plus-two-drawer chest Other I have found out that there are a lot of modern laminate code of design, with solid pine handles and bun feet, and some of them featured waterfall edge tops and bases. There are also some designs that have a beech-effect with clean lines and light fresh colours complete with metal effect handles. There are a lot of designs popular like the 3-drawer chest narrow, four drawers chest, and four plus two chest drawer ad much more.

I have found of age groups and use them people look for nice reasonable prices. I found out most people prefer pine with varnish and like the medium size chest of drawers. Most people said they would use it for in there bedrooms for clothes. The research has help because it has given me a real good idea of how I am going to build my chest of drawers. The research has also given me a good idea what kind of chest of drawers are popular in these times. I found out that most users of the product prefer modern and long lasting chest of drawers that don’t take up to much space. They need a product they know is going to be reliable and will do what they want it to do and good. My product will be a modern chest of drawer which will be strong, stable, safe and set to fit users needs.

I am going to build a 3-drawer chest of drawers with a length of 22inchs and a width of 15inchs it will have a nice modern look to it. This chest of drawer will be built for me as my mom is always complaining to put my clothes away and my other chest of drawer is occupied so this new chest of drawer will keep my room clean and me out of trouble. This chest of drawer will hold t-shirts, underwear, and socks. My product will be big enough to hold the items mentioned it would be strong and long lasting. I think I will use MDF and I think I will give it a varnish finish. I think I will use a drill and screws so it can be taken down and put away if necessary. Products like these can be purchased in shops such as Argos, Index, and many others.