Veterinary Vaccines Market by Products, Diseases, Technology

The animal vaccines market studied is segmented by products, animal diseases, and technologies that are involved in developing vaccines for veterinary administration. The global animal vaccines market, by products, is further segmented into seven segments, such as companion animal vaccines, livestock, poultry, porcine, equine, aquaculture, and other animal vaccines. The livestock vaccines market is further sub- segmented into bovine vaccines and small ruminant vaccines, whereas the companion animal vaccines market is further classified into canine vaccines and feline vaccines.

The livestock vaccines segment dominates the market with close to 37% share followed by porcine and poultry. The large share of these segments is attributed to their major use of animals related to the food industry (meat, chicken, eggs, and dairy products), which are considered as healthy sources of protein. However, the aquaculture and companion vaccine segments will witness a healthy growth rate in the near future.

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On the basis of technology, the animal vaccines market has segments like live attenuated vaccines, inactivated vaccines, subunit vaccines, toxic vaccines, conjugate vaccines, recombinant vaccines, and DNA vaccines. The DNA vaccines technology will be the fastest-growing technology due to its cost effectiveness and easy production, rapid development against emerging diseases, and added thermo- stability between ICC to ICC in comparison with traditional vaccines. The global animal vaccines market, valued at $5. Billion in 2012, is primarily driven by factors such as the growing prevalence of animal diseases, increasing incidences of iconic diseases in humans, increasing investments by government bodies and animal welfare associations and continuous innovations and introductions of new products. On the other hand, factors such as increasing maintenance costs for Animal/Veterinary Vaccines Market by Products, Diseases, Technology By neurotransmitter will restrict the growth of the market.