Vine Ha Marketing Plan

In the open economic of Vietnam, the company have to face a highest competition with there strong opponents such as La Vie. There are two main kinds of Vine Ha products including mineral water (with CO and without CO) and soft drink which based on mineral water with CO: Lemon, Orange, Saris flavor in plastic bottle. The group of customers that Ivanhoe wants to target is everybody at every age, both gender who has middle to high income in Vietnam. Ivanhoe applied the differentiated marketing target to satisfy and reach more customers in order to achieve higher sales and stronger position even though it cost a higher investment.

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In addition, they use the same for less strategy, which offers lower price than impetigo’s product while providing the same benefits for customers. Because mineral water is a pure competition in Vietnam, there is demand for mineral is highly price elastic due to many substitutes. Therefore, the price is fixed to compete with others.

Finally, Vine Ha applies the conventional systems for the recent distribution system which offer the simple management, but it is hard to interact consumers and measure satisfaction of them. There are three major objectives for Vine Ha Company including corporation, financing and marketing objective.

First, the many wants to hold the majority of market share revenue and become the icon for Vietnamese corporation in water bottle industry by offering the best products for people health.

Additionally, in the financial part, they want to attract more shareholders to reach of share capital in 2013. They also want to reduce packing cost and invest in advertising by

Finally, for the marketing objective, they want to increase the sales revenue to gain more market share in water bottle industry and continue exploring brand name in foreign countries. To achieve the objectives above, the company needs to make some differences.

Vine ha should maintain current market segment, customers’ profile and marketing target (differentiated). On the other hand, they need to consider applying niche marketing strategy for its Marketing Plan By homographic customers with higher expectations. Moreover, they should apply Line extension and multi brand strategy to get benefits from potential industries. Vine ha can set a new lower price with glass bottle packing. For the promotion, Vine Ha should use sale promotion including patronage reward, advertising specialty and contest in the special occasions to attract customers’ attentions.

Finally, for the significant change, the company should change from the conventional distribution system to multinational organization.


Introduction Situation Analysis

Company’s Profile

Vine Ha provides various mineral products taken from the mineral springs in TTY Phone, Bin Than province. Vine Ha was established in 1928 when a French scientist discovered the high quality of mineral source which can be considered as famous French Vichy theme spring. Then, Socio©t©s Civvies Étude’s Des Ease Min©roux De Vine Ha (original name) had begun to exploit and commercialism this eater.

The first Vichy mineral water products were officially appeared in Vietnam market in October 1930 and had the largest market share at that time. Not only that, Vine Ha continued to reach out to the countries of Indochina and exported to potential markets such as the U. S. , Australia, Canada and Taiwan. The unique Vine Ha Mineral water in Viet Name contains high levels of bicarbonate (-HACK) and antacids, which help to reduce the acidity of the stomach, reduce gastric mercy and flatulence. Because of this special characteristic, Vine Ha Mineral Water is noninsured as good quality products compared to similar products on the market.

Therefore, Vine Ha Mineral Water became a close friend of families, not only by the value of simple refreshments, but also the special benefits of giving health products. There are two main kinds of Vine Ha products including mineral water (with CO and without CO) and soft drink which based on mineral water with CO: Lemon, Orange, Saris flavor in plastic bottle. Mineral water without CO Mineral water with CO Soft drink (Lemon, Orange and Saris flavor) Product’s Detail Vine Ha mineral water is known as the gift of Mother Nature.

The source of water was found in 1928 by French in Bin Than. The researchers figured out that Vine Ha mineral water has perfect quality with bicarbonate component and 4 elements: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium in appropriate percentage. Moreover, bicarbonate has positive effect on the stomach and anti-flatulence. Therefore, for 80 years, Vine Ha mineral water has been having many successes in bottled water market. Vine Ha mineral water has two main product lines: natural carbonate mineral water and non-carbonate mineral water.