Whether that foundation Is sturdy

Whether that foundation Is sturdy or fragile depends to a great degree on the quality of the young child’s early environments and relationships. Human relationships are the building blocks for healthy development. Positive early relationships greatly sway a child’s ability to achieve later success In school and In life. Relationships enable young children to care about people by establishing the human connection between self and others. As a magnitude of early relationships, young children seek to understand the feelings, thoughts and expectations of others, as well s the Importance of cooperation and sharing.

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The young child’s Identity Is shaped by the interactions that they have with others who are significant in their lives, parents, childcare providers, and other family members. Strongly believe that, a young child’s social and emotional development Is largely dependent on the emotional well-being of every parent. Parents who have had positive life experiences are better equipped to be emotionally available and responsive to a young child than are the parents who have not.

When parents and nouns children are emotionally tuned in to each other, we can more easily read the child’s emotional cues and respond appropriately to his or her needs. This responsive relationship between the young child and parents supports healthy development in communication, cognition, social-emotional competence, and moral understanding. Knowledge about child development specifically the social emotional development, although a necessary ‘skill’ for parents, is one that doesn’t have to be taken as literally as the books tell us.

Much of parenting, including the child reaching milestones, is something that can be guided by Instinct as well as common sense. Most parents get a funny feeling in their gut if they feel that the child isn’t doing as well as they could be. In fact, with the assortment of books available and the scary and decertification internet at our fingertips, parents can get frightened into believing their child is behind, when in fact they are doing Just fine. For parents or soon to be parent, let’s ensure that the child has the basics in the early 1 OFF placement especially social emotional development is easier than everybody thinks.

Thus, special toys or games, even though they are pretty awesome are not necessary. What every child need is more than anything is love and attention. Babies develop into happier children when they receive lots of positive physical attention such as hugging and cuddling. Interact with your children by talking, singing, playing and especially reading, because children whose parents read to them develop a larger vocabulary as well as new perspectives about the world.

It is more well, if every parent will treat everyday tasks like cooking and laundry as fun activities in order to teach children that chores aren’t torture or punishment. Learning more about social emotional development in early childhood will enable us to better serve the families we encounter in our work, and enrich the relationships with young children in the family. We are child’s hero. With consistency, love and attention, we will stay that way for his or her entire life. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”.