Which Pest Control?

Life in its Biological Environment Lab 2 – Which Pest Control is Best for Basil? Name: One of the challenges of agriculture is finding the right balance between growing healthy nutritious food; protecting humans, wildlife, and the environment from pesticides and herbicides; and ensuring a profit. Scientists and agronomists work together to help find this balance. This lab will give you an opportunity to learn about one of these collaborations. Visit the “Virtual Lab” at http://www. Meme. Mom/bios/genii/tall/virtual_labs/label/ home. HTML 1: Explore the issue being investigated. What is the main purpose of this lab? The main purpose of this investigation is to find the most effective and suitable pest control for Basil. 2: Read the “Original Research Paper” What is the scientific name of the species being studied? The scientific name of the species being studied is Osmium Basilicas. 3: Read “Meet the Investigator. ” What factors lead DRP. Biddable into his career choice? The factors that lead DRP. Biddable into his career choice was good high school teachers, attain parents, and science fair projects.

Since his mom was a farmer’s daughter, he ended up combining his dad’s love for chemistry with a special interest in agricultural science. He also mentioned, from the moment he learned that experiments could provide new and useful information. Science became his choice career. 4: Read “Gain an Overview of the Experiment”. How many plants in how many experimental groups (including controls) were studied? 352 plants (2 rows of 176) in five different experimental groups including controls ere studied. : Run the “Virtual Experiment. ” What were the variables used in this experiment? Which pest control method is most Which Pest Control? By Mashed detective in protecting basil trot herbivores? Do the results support or reject your hypothesis? According to the Pl (principal investigator), James Biddable, what was the most significant or interesting information to come from this study? Why? (You may use an additional page. ) The variables used in this experiment are hand removal of insects, oil sprays, Promethium and Bacilli.

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Another variable the fact that some plants were harvested for 57 days and others for 93 days. Bacillus was the pest control most effective in protecting Basil from herbivores. The results from the experiment supported my hypothesis. According to DRP. Biddable, the most significant or interesting information that came from the experiment was the fact that the control treatment was Just effective as Bacillus in deterring some insects. This suggest that sweet basil has the ability to deter pest on its own when insects are not abundant.