Working with colleagues

People are bounded with certain recognized sets of values, principle, and goals. These have different impacts on our behavior. Individuals’ behavior is influenced by their childhood that a person’s secrets, principles, and values spring. Although brothers and sisters may be influenced by the same values and principles but the way each react as a response to achieve their goals or face these values and principles is what makes their behavior unique. Many people ask How can people who are successful at home are not successful at workplace?

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The word “successful” is defined here as not only in terms of work output but also in terms of behaviour, integrity, attitude, ethics, motivation and recognition. Most of us who have got jobs are basically very capable people and that is why we were employed. Our behaviour at home is real but those of us who behave differently at workplace are wearing psychological mask which are detrimental to our vision of life and organisational culture. Of course those of us who behave differently at workplace have excuses to do so and say that we want to be good at work but others are not good.

All four fingers are not alike, in the same way differences, inadequacies, problems and misunderstandings are natural among people. But we the people are endowed with god given abilities to respect differences in people, tolerate others point of view, help people in need, be efficient and honest to work and above all the will to change for the better. Our behavior also differs according to the environment around us, in the market place, workplace, university…

While working with colleagues, our behavior is influenced by many impacts including our specific goals, the values that we may share since we are in the same faculty and the way we behave towards each other and the extent through which we let our emotional and irrational reasons affect us. When I first joined the organization, I was introduced to job by the HRM department reflecting the organization’s policies and culture identifying certain rules. Through these mangers and supervisors had kept in their minds that employees will meet their expectations and so this would lessen any conflict between the two parties.

Therefore my attitude and behavior was not only influenced my real nature but also by the induction activity. The way I behave is different from the way my friends behave and this is due to their position and the organization’s culture. My friend works as a manger in the marketing department. She handles and supervises many projects and tasks since she had joined the department . At work people think that she had a tuff behavior especially when it comes to meeting projects deadlines. This created an obstacle for her employees at first but then they got used to her way .

She is strict, her plans are systemic and rational attitude because in her job there is no room for delays or mistakes. In managerial position, people are driven by a system where than mangers should follow restricted time line as no delay can be afforded. My other friend works a team sales supervisor. He always behaves in a way willing to help tem members in the business. He appreciates other’s point of view and listens to everyone’s ideas with patience. His pleasant personality encouraged people to work under his supervision.

When others seek support and cooperation, he is always there to assist them. Because of his good attitude, he gained a lot of respect and was assigned for many tasks, activates and even promoted and rewarded many times. This person has succeeded to meet between his values and principles. Every individual has a number of values that has been grown inside him/her since maybe his childhood. They are the guidelines that affect our decision. Our honesty and faith, for instance, determine our actions ad influence our attitude.

That is why our values play an important role in making our personality that determines differences between individuals. Conflict my arise between individuals because their values and principles differ. Even if individuals share same values and experiences but how each react as a response to these circumstances lead them to view things differently , this reflect the idea that an event doesn’t have one rigid meaning but different expectations and explanation . Illustrating this, job satisfaction is very important in determining how well you accomplish certain goals, and this can lead to organization’s loyalty.

When an employee is being recruited to join a new group his answers or actions are not influenced by his personality but also by the situation and interviewer. For interviewers it is hard to predict the behavior of people at their work without knowing some psychological basis of human beings structure and way of thinking specially those Individuals are active according to their construction as a respond to their own senses and experiences. In order to improve behavior, we should undertake certain essential ideas such as regulating our behavior in oreder to understand our behavior and control it like controlling stress, anger, or fear.

For us to reach such a level we should understand the reasons that affected our behaviors in by this we can develop a sense of not only our attitude but also why others too. Accordingly we can determine whether our behavior are directed by our needs or goals , therefore this behavior well as well differ according to who we are and to whom we are communicating too and the environment that influence all these . In the end, we will come to realize that for every goal, there is a certain behavior and fro every behavior there is a certain response and reasons.