Workspace the Tresury Dealinroom

The aim of the report was to analyse the current status of informatics in my organisation. The subject of the research was my closer workspace the Tresury Dealinroom. As a result of a investment into the Treasury IT systems, the number of existing systems declined, and several state of the art system were implemented in the last two years. According to the objective, there are three kind of information system in the Treasury. Market information systems provide data, news and analysis from the markets, trading systems are used for business transactions.

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The most important system is the treasury integrated front office system, which is an operational, executive and management information tool in one. The aim of the report was to analyse the current status of information technology in my organisation. The given conditions of the report length and my organisation size, furthermore the numerous existing information system in the Bank don’t allow me to review the whole informatics in the Bank.

Therefore the subject of the research was the Treasury, which is from the point of IT is a well-separated and unique part of the Bank. During the analysis, I will carry out how informatics helps the organisation to reach its objectives. At the end I will provide recommendation for informatics development. During the report I will rely on my personal experience, I am in charge of all existing IT system in the department.

And I have taken part in the upgrade of Treasury IT systems in the previous years, so I have managed to acquire some important experience in the task. However during my work the used approach was focused on the business side of the processes, but I have managed to gain some knowledge about the technical side aswell. First of all in the research I will introduce the existing information systems in the Treasury. I will explain the aim of the different systems, and analyse them according to the provided information. I will create an information plan of the treasury.

In this theoretical plan I will explain the different functionality, stages, participants and coincidence between the different systems. In he next part I will make a short inrtoducton of the existing systems, and at the end I will recommend some idea for improvement. For a financial institution, especially at my closer workspace the Treasury dealingroom information the most important thing in the everyday operation. On global financial markets, the balance between opportunities and risks poses a permanent challenge.

Those working in this area not only need highly reliable data. To take advantage of market opportunities and avoid excessive risks also requires detailed and sophisticated analysis in order to understand trends underlying price movements. To achieve the objectives, a financial institution has to develop the harmony of different IT system which integrate, distribute, and add value to information from the markets, about the activity, and its affects to the positions.

This includes real-time and historical prices from order-driven and quote-driven trading venues; real-time and historical news from the press, the Web, and internal analysts; as well as internal calculations, deal processing, risk management, settlement instructions and other forms of proprietary information used to support crucial decisions. In short, the IT systems are the eyes and ears of the institution-even part of its brain.