World Trade Center

The day we will never forget in our life. It was September 11, 2001 seemed like a normal day. I was attending my 1st class in high school of my senior year at Absegami High School, Atlantic County. I was all happy because I was having a study room and I was having a nap of half an hour. I had my all homework done. I had nothing to do. It seemed like a perfect normal day. Then I went to another class. It was about 8:15 or 8:30.

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Suddenly a teacher comes from another class and says there is a big crash of airplane on World Trade Center. On September 11th the initial reaction was “oh my god”. To be quite honest when the teacher said the news on about the tragedy I would not let me believe the story. But when I came home I turned on the news and saw the footage. Unlike a regular teenager i was glued to the T.V. My thoughts and sympathy are still with the great Country over there even though it has over a year now since the attacks. It seemed like it was just a small plane but unfortunately it wasn’t. But later on another plane gets crashed on another tower of WTC.

It wasn’t an accident but those planes were intended to hit the two towers. Then everyone was scared about the people who were in those two towers and two planes. I was about to get out of the school and runaway because everyone was scared and we were not allowed to get out or to watch the TV either. The barbaric, horrific terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center in New York have caused every American to ask why it happened. Who did it? And why do they hate us? New York – September 11 at 8:00 PM: I just walked back from what used to be the World Trade Center. You can forget about anybody being alive in there.

Nobody could have survived that. They were all dead. There weren’t too many who survived from that attack. It was about to know later on that it was a terrorist attack who actually were Muslims. I was so angry at that time that why would they do that? They had nothing to do with us then why would they kill the innocent people like that. I was changed a lot after the twin towers got destroy.

I was too good for people to help them in any kind of work they need. I and my family also gave a fund of $500 for the people who lost their relatives. I was so sad when the people who lost their relatives in World trade center attack gave their interviews on TV. I wish that I would have helped everyone who lost their lives but unfortunately I couldn’t do anything except watching people die. That was my saddest of my life. I couldn’t do anything.