Your Marketing Plan

Offers a variety of cooking material such as gas cookers, special dishes and even plates. We provide cooking services to all clients nationally and internationally, giving consumers a one stop shop for services, technical help, and great customer service.

Customers are constantly looking for food stuff materials that will have little to no maintenance and yet last for years to come. This product not only answers those requests but also gives the customers variety, durability, strength in their product. No company can say that we use all virgin materials for their merged products except for ours, and the companies warranty is unrivaled in this market. Giving the company a one up on the competition, now that opportunity needs to be taken and put into a marketing campaign to pull in more consumers and create a true brand image for the company.

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The demographic we want to reach are customers in the ages of 15-60 with higher than average income, due to the pricing on the combined materials. When researching what consumers are buying our product racial demographics is not lawful, however geographic location is. The marketing plan needs to be focused on areas where the product is most purchased and the states where we do not have a market as of yet need to be introduced to the product as well. With the surveys we have done, we have been told by customers and experts that we are looking for a good customer service and technical help line, which will be provided as well.

Speaking with the experts and food stuffs material distributors we have found that what we need is training on the product to allow for a better knowledge base to allow for easier selling. We also stated if we discount material on our end for selling purposes we would agree to discount the material for the consumer. Allowing people that would not normally purchase the product the chance to do so, and for the awareness of the product to grow and become more of a household name. Food stuff materials have become one of the most popular products for cooking and the higher income demographic due to the lack of maintenance needed and durability.

Out of By Carmichael the surveys we nave done in the target market there was a interest t materials. There is currently one plant for this product based in Kansas City, MO aging us central for any shipping needs. The product is sold directly to distributors and dealers only not directly to the customers, due to shipping concerns, and overhead issues. All of the products are made within the plant we do not have to resource out for any of the products. The products will be all inclusive, manufacturing and production will be done in the company premises, creating products to have a more cohesive look.

These products will be strong and long lasting. Based on the market and that we have been in business for 5 years already we are looking to do two things. The first is strengthening the products name and image, and secondly will be to increase profits over the next year. With the focus solely on gaining more exposure and becoming more the company that consumers really trust, we will gain brand loyalty which should boost our sales significantly. Environmental analysis. The following table shows the environmental analysis. It lists opportunities and threats that are affecting a Food stuffs Company in its macro environment (S.

M. , 2010). Political Economic Government has passed legislation which requires further reductions of CA, HOC and NC emissions for vehicles until 2017 New political forces, which are against tax reductions, may be elected in the next years’ elections Import restrictions will increase in 2014 Government is increasing its funding to ‘specific’ industry Government is easing regulations for employment Increasing tensions between our government and our major export partner’s government GAP will grow by 3% in 201 5 Availability of credit for businesses will slightly grow or remain unchanged in 2015.

The same applies for the cost of credit in the 1 half of the year Unemployment is expected to decrease to 7% Inflation will fall to 3% or 2% in 2016 Corporate tax rate will decrease by 2% next year to 23% Dollar exchange rates are expected to decrease compared to Euro Disposable income level will decrease Metal and electricity prices will increase by 5% and 6% respectively in 201 5 Socio- cultural Technological Positive attitude towards gas cookers.

Number of individuals and companies buying through the Internet is 67% and 45% respectively and is expected to grow Immigration is increasing Increasing attitude toward Jobs with shorter work hours People tend to buy more domestic rather than foreign products People change their eating habits and now tend to eat healthier food New machinery that could reduce production costs by 20% is in development Country major telecoms company announced I TTS plans to expand I d TTS internet understructure and instant II new optic teller cables Drivers cars may be introduced in the near future “NeW’ type of dishes will be introduced into the market next year Primary and Secondary targets. The primary market target for our company is the US market and the secondary market target is all states and also internationally. Branding strategies.

Whole Foods had pretty much maxed out market share in the “organic and natural” customer segment, but were pursuing growth. Research indicated that 80% of first- time Whole Foods shoppers became loyal customers, and “Foodless” represented a highly prized customer segment with the most untapped growth potential. So the question was how to appeal to this segment more effectively and inspire Foodless to try shopping at Whole Foods for the first time. The answer was a shift in brand strategy. We De-emphasized the organic/natural messaging, and developed a new brand strategy targeting Foodless (without alienating the “earthy-crunchier”) captured n the tagging “Passionately Picky’.

The strategy was expressed in an advert campaign focused on getting Foodless excited about a specific food item. Each advert told the story of a single item that exemplified Whole Foods’ “passionate peskiness” in scouring the globe for the best foods in the world. The micro-success of this campaign was the consistent selling out of the items advertised in the campaign. The far more important macro-success was: a) Driving immediate first-time visits by Foodless that sought the specific product advertised. B) Delivering the message to the broader Food audience that Whole Foods shares their passion for the best foods, not Just the most organic/natural foods.