Athletic Shoe and Valentino Shoe Incorporation

Furthermore, some could not be able to handle the massive volume of orders, under the old manual ordering system The Valentine Shoe Incorporated facing the problem about the accuracy, the ability to advertise their products and take action in trigger updates of their new arrival products to the people, everything and every details is written down manually In paper there will be too much paper work and space misusing that the data and paper is stored in filing cabinets it consumes too much place, as the amount of work done on paper Increases the filing cabinets and probably gives the unsecured storage.

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Based on Interviews with the manager and staff In Valentine Shoe Incorporation, the researchers found out that one of the major problems of the company Is how to advertise their products. In business establishment or corporation must use modern technologies to make task easier and faster, technologies that will help people to solve complex problem. Every now And then people use modern technology for easier and comfortable life. Ordering through Online lessen the time of clients to canvass, to wait in line or wait till the shop assistant is ready to help them to their purchases.

This computerized Online Shoes and Shoes Equipment’s System Ordering takes focuses on purchasing shoes from the use of World Wide Web. Making a website for Valentine Shoe Incorporation is a good opportunity for the to have access to the customers giving an availability of mainly free Information even the business Is not open, can provide contact with the potential clients also the communication that can be used for the services need And fast access from anywhere. Now the online ordering system In world Wide Web as an examples are: Expression. Com, Buy. Com, Metronome. Com and others.

With these online ordering systems, consider companies joining their websites and making their business become wider for customers find the World Wide Web easier to find their needs. Moreover the researchers for would like to know how an online ordering system can be technically and operationally feasible for implementation. User pre-preference is one of the key considerations in the usability of website presentation. Website designer needs to be first classify the concerns preference of seers first In order to Improve communication between clients and the company to enhance the communication quality and effective.

The Researchers Proposed the “Computerized Shoe’s and Shoes Equipment’s Ordering System to minimize the time of the employee’s to handle heavy paperwork’s and to lessen the case of mammals important documents. With the help of the system the customer will not rush viewing Company to Advertise and represent their products with the presence of the World Wide Web. It will also help the customers to give their comment and suggestions about the service and the products of Valentine shoes incorporated. The

Computerized Shoes and Shoes Equipment’s Ordering System was prepared to use for their company to prove the technical and operational feasibility regarding in information technology. The operational feasibility was proved under the criteria of accuracy, efficiency, reliability, user friendliness and security of use. The proposed system of Valentine Shoe Incorporation is recommended to improve and streamlining of its operations. The employee and Clients of the Valentine Shoe Incorporation can lead into organize, secure, and faster transactions.

Statement of the Problem The purpose of this study is to develop online Ordering for the family Corporation of Valentine Shoe Incorporation. The Proposed Study sought answers to the following: 1 . What is the profile of the company? 2. What system is appropriate for the company? 3. What are the features using Computerized Ordering System? 4. The advantages of Computerized Ordering System? Objective of the Study The developers aim is to develop the proposed system entitled, What are “Computerized Shoes and Shoes Equipment’s Ordering System”. For Valentine Shoe Incorporated. This study would seek the following specific objectives: 1.

To describe the various aspect of problems to resolve the delay of providing service for Valentine Shoe Incorporation. 2. To identify the Advantage of Computerize Ordering System in providing convenience to the owner and their customers. 3. To develop the value of needs of the customers through features to meet new needs. 4. To improve the value of the product through Online Ordering System. Scope and limitation This system will provide Computerized Online Ordering system and shoe equipment’s Ordering System for Incorporation. Valentine shoe Incorporation is noted to its durability, handcrafted men’s shoes.

Made of imported cowhide upper leather as moccasin, booth, military shoes, bowling shoes, baseball shoes, golf shoes, mamba shoes, safety shoes, and casual shoes and boys shoes. Among the competitors the men shoes of Chancellor can compete in style and draftsman ship. Their market consists of mostly the Men. Belonging to the upper and middle class. Difference of their shoes in other brand is does not easily change in its shape, their materials are 90% imported. They use machineries that will produce 90% consist of quality through browsing, the Client can make sign up or login to make an order.

The customers required to pay on their trusted bank account in BAD only. This Computerized Online Ordering System and Equivalents Ordering System, transact n Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces such as Vulcan, Battings, Gambles, Laguna and Pangaea. The system limited only to customer who showed with the reference number for identification of the customer. During the process of ordering the product from website, only the confirm product from website can only the confirm order will transact after the process of the payment. The customer will not track the delivery service during their ongoing services.

Significance of the Study The proposed “Computerized Shoes and Shoes Equipment’s Ordering System”, for Valentine Shoes Incorporation will serve a useful tool for the company to sake their business wider in the process giving visibility of their business to the website. The proposed Study will be significance to the following: Company. Using website will make their business more popular to the audience. It makes them more updated to their customers concerns. Customers. This gives them lesser time for the consultation of the product. Retailer.

Ordered small Quantities of products easily with direct purchase, without visiting the Store and lessen the time of the buyer. Supplier. This provide adequate the product to inform the amount of a commodity offered at a given price for a demand. Employees. Lessen the works for the private organization in return for prices and products. Future researchers. This study will serve as a reference and guide to creativity. CHAPTER II Conceptual framework Review of Related Literature This study relates the local computerized Shoes and Shoes Equipment’s Ordering System and reviews the process of the framework related literature.

CAPOS Philippines is founded by Nick Swimming in year 1999. Capos was to create a website that offered absolute best selection in Shoes In terms of, styles brands, colors, sizes, and widths. Its primary selling base is still shoes, which accounts for bout 80% of its business. There are currently about 50,000 varieties of shoes sold in the store. Capos continues to serve the niche shoe markets, including narrow and wide widths, hard-to-find sizes, American-made shoes, and vegan shoes. Capos expanded their inventory to include clothing in petite, big and tall, and plus sizes, handbags, aware, watches, and kids’ merchandise.

AZALEA is one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing insight on our global trends. At AZALEA they believed that online Shopping experience should be easy and fun. That’s they have a great team of local customer service consultants AZALEA innovative business model they can shorten delivery time to 3 hours in PIP delivery service. Nationwide orders are usually delivered in less than 48 hours. At AZALEA, customers can qualify for free shipping of orders from PH 1000 and up .

Review of Related Studies The Computerized Online Shoes and Shoe Equipments Ordering System have selection of menus for the products and products selected by the client and transact with the administrator of the website. To the business goals of competition, it helps to gain their rate and ability of performance in market. To provide the best possible information for this study, the proponents also researched the related Studies from the following. According to Pete Malcolm, the Author of “”.

In today’s age of technology and the advancement the internet, buying shoes online has never been easier. The days are over when in order to get the best shoes in the market, you had to visit your nearest mall or shoe store in order to find as many options as possible, and wait in line for a hot item to release. Nowadays, you Just need an internet ready computer and you will be able to shop online with ease. However, not all people prefer shopping online despite these advancements in technology; there are those who still get them in the traditional manner.

Shopping for shoes online has become a common trend and a more preferred option as it offers many benefits and advantages. There are three main reasons as to why many people buy shoes online. First, many shoppers are attracted by the lower prices placed on these online shoes. The majority of shoes that are offered online are sold at more affordable prices than the local stores can offer. This can be attributed to the fact that online dealers do not Penn money on rent, transport and on employees, whereas all an online dealer or retailer require is a registered website and place of storage.

The second reason why people shop for shoes online is that there is a wider variety. The online market offers a wide range of shoes, as a consumer can explore various sites to discover unique shoes not offered in stores, such as limited edition runs or special releases. Lastly, shoppers go online primarily because of convenience. You will be able to shop on a 24 hours basis, at your own leisure and from the comfort of your home. Hence, there s no need to go through all the hassles that you would experience in person at your local shoe store.