Business in todays world

We only have one physical life to live, we have no choice but to make the most of it. Yes, for me, ever being an exchange student is gorgeous in my life. The first attribute I possess can be perfectly described by the old saying” faith can move mountain. ” In the pursuit of success, I struggle to maintain a good academic result, partake as many extra activities I can, polish my language ability all with faith and perseverance. Without that, I won’t be the one who apply exchange programmer.

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Second, outgoing, curious, passionate personalities drive me to study overseas. I am fond of making acquaintances with diverse background, exploring new life, trying new things In different places, and motivating people to live the life to the fullest each day. Third, I have global vision. I often keep the abreast of International affairs through news and books, strengthen my English skill, think of things laterally. All of these allow me to be a qualified exchange student. Last and not least, money Is not a concern.

I shall gain the scholarship from International office. Besides, my family members will be no doubt In fully supporting me to Join the programmer. As listed in the form, these universities are comparatively well-known around the world in terms of academy, teaching resources. Being one of the students in those institutions will definitely to a very large extent, be fruitful when it comes to the academic study, the life down there. It’s a very precious opportunity to feel how the students there regard things, cooperate and communicate with them to solve problems.

Not only my thoughts toward things could widen, but also language and interpersonal skills would enhance. Moreover, business subjects are truly distinguished in Argus University and the University of Amsterdam, as a man who sis to become a successful entrepreneur in the future business world like me, being a global student during the university life time and the fundamental business related courses taught over that time are extremely important.

In addition, as a major of China Business, experiencing the advanced western education system, absorbing their strengths while I was studying, so that would be good for me as a strong power of Improvement for the future development of China. By and large, shall I be given the chance, I will certainly do my almost to fulfill my dream and passion, as I consider this Is a bon: benefit, opportunity, and network all In one.