Customer Services Report

The profits last year made a decrease which resulted in Increase for competitors in the Travel and Tourism Industry. First Impressions My first Impressions on Alton Towers were that the company Image that currently stands Is very good, the logo Is bright and It also shows that the company Is the wonderland that people want to visit, the premises which holds Alton Towers is immaculate.

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When you first walk through the gates you have an adrenaline rush because you can see the rides and hear people talking about the ride they have Just en on or the shop they just visited was great and the staff were very helpful or fun to talk to. Speed and Accuracy of Service The staff are very well trained and hold a very high customer service attitude.

When you are in the park the speed and accuracy of service is 5*, you are served with high customer service and very quickly, I noticed that the queue in a food outlet was very long and within 10 minutes the queue had become Just one person waiting for their food, I also noticed that not one person had returned to the counter to return a product or complain, this shows that the speed and accuracy of the service Is perfect, here Is always room for Improvement within the business but I can honestly say that I could not pick fault on this particular subject.

Consistency I have visited Alton Towers 4 times since 2011 and each time I have made a visit to the attraction the customer service has been high quality, I have never had a bad experience at the park. Which shows that they are constantly maintaining the high quality level of customer service.

There are 2,500 employees at the park and each employee is put through an intensive training program before they can act on their bob role to the correct and high standard expected of them. Products and Services Offered Alton Towers offer a wide range of products and services, there are 2 hotels on site which are accessible by the monorail and also on foot, there is also a spa, water park, conference rooms, many food and drink outlets so there is something for everyone.

They also provide a lost child point, parent swap queues so that if there is one parent who does not like rides then one parent can take one of the children on and once their ride is over they can take the other child on the ride to, there is retail and researched shops all around site where you can purchase park memorabilia and anything else you may require such as bags, umbrellas, Macs for water rides and many other products. The park also offers fast track tickets so you don’t have to queue as long for rides.

Annual passes and parking permit are also available to be purchased either online or at the mall entrance/guest services. Group and school passes also available. On every ride there Is disabled access so that disabled customers and there career if needed can access the ride without any problems or equines meetings or conferences that need to take place. Situated around the water park and water rides there are stand in dry machines where if you get wet on a ride you can stand in the dryer and it will dry you so you can carry on with your day warm and dry.

Spread around site there are many toilet and changing facilities available for public use at all times of park open hours. Also provided for students and learners are group presentations where the staff of the park will tell you all about Alton Towers as a business and also the fun side of things. Meeting Customer Needs The staff at the park are brilliant at meeting customer’s needs, they need to make sure that they are offering great service as well as good value for money.

Behind closed doors the park will have a prepared mission statement” we create magic moments” which they will continue to work hard to achieve, it is vital as a big business/company that they keep all customers happy whether they are new customers or existing returning customers, if the park meets the customers’ needs the customer is more than likely to revisit the park and also recommend the park to other people. Alton towers have expanded their car park so now the car park can hold up to 50,000 people per day. The park also provides ramps for people who cannot access via the steps or shops.

If Alton Towers were unreliable then people are less likely to visit the park and they will take their custom elsewhere. The park has thousands of bins on site and also every 15 minutes they have litter pickers that patrol the site to make sure it is constantly clean. Offering Information and Advice The information and advice at the park is of good service, upon entry to the park here is a customer visitor centre where you can ask staff anything you may want to know, any questions or queries you may need answering, there is also maps and sign posts around the park to help guide you to where you need to go.

The park also offers group information sessions for school and college talks where they will tell you about how the company works, they will also tell you anything you need to know to complete your school/coursework assignments. Anything that you may need to know whilst you are at the park you can Just visit the information centre and they will tell o all you need to know.

Dealing with Complaints Alton Towers are very good with dealing with complaints, they will address your problem with care and precision, if you have complained to the park they will make sure that complaint is handled carefully and professionally, they will listen to your complaint and proceed to fix the problem that has arisen, they will maybe offer you a free night in the hotel on site, or free entry next time you visit, or some or all of your money back, they will make sure that you are entirely satisfied with the outcome of the problem. Dealing with Problems

If there is a problem during your visit the staff will try there up most to make sure the problem is fixed, all of the staff are trained to deal with problems professionally and as quickly as possible, the majority of problems can be dealt with on site and will be resolved during your stay. Meeting and Exceeding Customer’s Expectations The park are constantly trying to improve, all members of staff will always try and and please their customers. There are over 35,000 customer’s reviews online that state their expectations have been exceeded during their trip to the attraction.

Sometimes customers’ expectations are already met before they even meet any members off staff personally, Just from how their travel went, how easy it was to park or how quick it was to get into the park, each customer has their own opinion and many customers’ opinions of the park are great stories to hear. Keeping Existing Customers Satisfied If Alton Towers keep their new customers satisfied then they will return and then become existing customers, if the park keep their high customer service and high quality service overall it will make customers return, each member of staff give 100% in everything they do.

If the park keeps trying to improve then it will keep customers satisfied and they will want to return. Increasing Customers Loyalty If customers are given constantly good service and value for money whilst they visit the attraction they will start to become loyal to the attraction, they will also recommend the park to their friends and family, write good reviews and they will keep returning.

If the park offers deals that are of good use to the customer the customer will keep coming back and their loyalty will increase. If the customer has a many bad experiences and better experiences elsewhere their loyalty will start to crease for Alton Towers and increase for the other attraction which is providing them with everything they need to have a great time.

Ensuring Repeat Business As Alton Towers are constantly improving with their ever expanding park, better deals and new additions to the park this will ensure the repeat of business, if the park stayed the same every year then business will possibly fall because people will become bored of the same thing every time they visit, if each time they visit every couple of years there is something new to the park or something else is different it ill ensure that there is repeat business as the customers will want to return to receive that great service and new rides that they always receive.

Enhancing an Organizations Image The company’s image is influenced by the company’s reputation, the company maintains their image by the service they provide, if they provide bad service they will have a bad reputation, Alton Towers provide a very good service and to this day they are still maintaining their brilliant image. Providing An Edge Over The Competition If the service at the attraction is kept to a high quality standard then the competition ill also be kept in place, Alton towers needs to maintain constantly high service and also keep up with improvements to keep the customers returning to gain competitive advantage.

Increasing Sales and Usage By Attracting New Customers Alton towers are constantly increasing their sales, they are always promoting their business to gain new customers, the park is always offering vouchers for money off tickets, The Consequences Of Poor Customer Service For The Customer If the customers that visits the attraction receives poor customer service it will have effect of the customers time at the attraction and also affect the attractions image as that the customers receive good service so they keep returning to the park.

The Staff and The Organization The staff and organization at the park is brilliant, constant high service is met every visit that I have made, the park is very well maintained and clean. Importance of good customer service and the organization Meeting Individual Customer Needs The staffs at the park meet each individual customers needs then it is highly possible that they will return another time and potentially bring you more custom.

Exceeding Customers Expectations In a business it is highly important that you exceed customers’ expectations, if a customer’s expectations are exceeded then the company will receive good feedback and also profit and sales will increase. If a customer receives more than they expect they will be very happy with the service they receive and they are more than likely to recommend the park to other potential customers.

Safe And Secure Environment For Internal And External Customers To provide a safe and secure environment for both internal and external customers is one of the most important things that needs to be et within the rules and regulations, if the attraction is a safe, secure, clean and happy environment you are more than likely to attract a lot more customers than you would if the environment was dirty and not safe.

A Happier Working Environment Job Satisfaction If an employee is providing great customer service and is generally very good at their position they will gain lots of compliments and positivist which will make them feel satisfied and good about themselves. Job Security If an employee is constantly improving, giving great customer service and trying their aridest their position within the company is more likely to be securing that an employee that has poor attendance and bad customer service skills.

If an employee is working hard and an asset to the business the chances of extra training and promotion will be offered and also they may feel more financially stable. Higher Self Esteem As employees you will need to have a high self-esteem as you will need to provide the best service to your customers possible, if you have a low self-esteem that will affect the quality of service that you will provide. If you provide great service it will be deiced and you will be praised, being praised and noticed for good work will build on your self-esteem as an individual.

Possibility Of Promotion Providing good service at work is very important because it can lead to bigger and better things along the career ladder, the possibility of promotion is high if the employee is good at their Job. You will also need to be good at leading a team if you are hoping for promotion. Different Types Of Customer the attraction they welcome many different types of customers below I have stated many types of customer: Individual customers- customers that are not in a group.

Groups- Schools, College, Business Leisure Individual Needs Including Products And Services Customers will have their individual needs regarding products and services, a single parent with 2 children will need to use the swap parent queues so they can take both children on the ride, disabled customers may need to access the ride via the back entrance ramp and also have access to disabled toilets.

A customer that is religious may need to pray so they will need to be able to use the multifamily room provided. It is very important that every individual customers needs are met to a high standard. Stated And Unstated Many customers will tell you what they want this is classed as stated needs, unstated needs are needs that you will have to ask the customer as they have not specified what their needs are. To provide good customer service you need to meet the customer’s needs.

Special Needs There are many customers that have special needs, it is important that these needs are met for customers to keep the good customer image and reputation, some needs that customers may have is: Hearing or Visual impairments Medical Conditions Dietary Needs Mobility Problems It is important to customers and the business that customers with special needs are even all of the help and attention required to make their day as special as customers with no special needs, all customers must be treated equally. Customers With Cultural And Language Needs.

It is very important that every customer is treated equally, customers that have language needs, ask the customer how many languages they speak, if they cannot understand you try and understand what language they speak and try and translate or help them as much as you can, perhaps give them an information sheet in their language or find another employee that may speak other languages so they can translate. Customers with cultural needs will need you to be patient and sensitive, try and educate yourself with basic information on different cultures/religion so you can understand.

How does Alton Towers meet the needs of specific customers? Hen Parties- Alton Towers provide hen party packages one of the packages are as follows: El 25. IPPP 2 Full day theme park entry tickets Early ride access Hotel dining 3 course meal with cocktails Cabaret show evening ticket 3 hours spa relaxation or watermark access Club entry and late check out Having packages that include such products and services and also events on site is eating the specific customer needs of that specific target group.

The park provides as much as they possibly can for hen groups to celebrate in style. Groups – Alton Towers provide a lot for groups that visit the park, they provide offers such as: 35% off and fast track ride scream, if you book 7 people or over. 30% of tickets for 7-9 people. 100+ group bookings 10+ more hotel room, group booking you can receive huge discount. Groups that visit of specific dates will receive free fast track on nemesis ride and also a meal voucher for one of the onsite restaurants.

Exclusive rates available for registered organizations or clubs such as beavers, guides and scout packages available- cagey theatre, 3 meals per person per day, theme park day tickets. As you can see Alton Towers offer a lot of products and services for groups that visit the park. Disabled Customers- Alton Towers make sure the theme park, hotels, watermark and all other facilities are accessible to use from all customers. Disabled guests pay the standard ticket prices however if they are not able to use park facilities independently they are entitled to one free career to enter the park and rides with them.

Disabled parking is widely available Annual pass for interchangeable careers Red wrist bands for non-ambulant customers White wrist bands for visually or hearing impaired guests. The park is fitted with the loop system Assistant guide dogs allowed anywhere on site apart from ride platforms. Wheelchair hire also available Access to every ride/attraction/outlets/hotels/watermark and also spa. Alton towers make the park widely accessible for their disabled customers to use.

Alton Towers overall is an amazing magical place to visit for a great memorable experience, however to improve I believe the park prices should be lowered to attract ore customers, I think the key to higher profits would be to have more for the money and lower prices of tickets and parking and also the outlet memorabilia shop as it is rather expensive, I also think the prices of the accommodation should be lowered to attract more customers as the park is surrounded by local bed and breakfasts that offer accommodation at more affordable prices.

Also there should be more transport links to and from the park. In general money aside the park is a beautiful place to be, so much to do and so much to see and great service. I would highly recommend Alton Towers as a UK top attraction.