Developmental Influences

Theory holds that human development is influenced by five different types of environmental systems; these systems are also referred to as rings. The two environmental rings or systems that influenced my development the most are the Microsystems and Microsystems. According to Breeders (2006), “Predictable developmental milestones include normal life transitions such as starting school or getting a Job, but many developmental challenges result from random, unplanned events” (peg. 4). Until the age of twelve, I was raised in a very helter home.

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My parents were Jehovah Witnesses, as a child I was not allowed to associate with other children or people outside of our religion. I was raised in a two parent home, there was no smoking, no cursing, our music was selected by my parents and television was very limited. We were a very close knit family. My parents spent time teaching us how to be honorable, humble, to have morals, and to respect others Just to name a few things. My Microsystems shifted when my mother became ill. This shift caused me to have to live with my grandmother and aunt.

Neither of which were Jehovah Witnesses, my grandmother and aunt were abusive, smoked, gambled and cursed. This was the total opposite of everything I was being taught. With this being said, my culture was changed. I started having sex, tried smoking, learned to curse etc. Despite the drastic and sudden cultural shift the environmental ring that influenced me the most was the Microsystems. I was thirteen when the change occurred so I was fully aware of right and wrong. I understood why things like smoking and drinking and premarital sex were bad.

Although I had sex at an early age I always felt I was doing something wrong. The effects of these changes in my environment caused some negative and positive things to happen in my life. On a positive note most of my relationships were long term. I have issues when it comes to having lots of friends. I find I’m always skeptical about a person’s intentions. Lastly, I find I’m not close with my family. It takes real effort to call. Our nature and nurture play equal roles in adult development. We all come from different environments, backgrounds, religions and culture.