Ecuador Travel and Tourism Market

In 2013, it announced a plan to invest IIS$660. O million by 2017 in the promotion and development of tourist attractions such as the Amazon rainforest’s, the Galapagos and the Andes. It also established new regulations to support tourism professionals such as hoteliers and tour operators to expand their operations, improve quality standards and infrastructure. Government efforts to promote domestic tourism through promotional campaigns and infrastructure development increased domestic tourism activity. Expansion in airlines’ domestic networks also contributed to the growth; LANA Ecuador added two daily flights service from Quito to Manta city in March 2013.

Traveling by air was the preferred mode of transport for international tourists in 2013, with 760,010 choosing this method of travel, accounting for 65. 8% of the country’s total international arrivals. The development of new airports and the expansion of airline networks can be attributed to the popularity of air travel. The US is the most popular outbound destination for Ecuadorian, with a total of 395,100 departures to the US recorded in 2013. This was supported by relaxed visa regulations, cultural ties and a common currency. Departures to Peru accounted for the second-largest share of 17. 5% of the total outbound departures in 2013, driven by geographical proximity and low currency conversion rates.