International Tourism Industry

Tourism is often touted as an industry that will never shrink in size. In other words, as the world develops, more and more people will be able to travel. Although many may see this as a positive phenomenon, it is not a trend without drawbacks. Both the advantages and disadvantages of this topic will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is reached. On the one hand, the reduction in travel fare and the increasing of global tourism can be seen as a positive event as it promotes intercultural understanding and global armory.

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For example, many Middle Eastern states have opened their doors and embraced tourism over the last twenty years and this has helped shed prejudiced views internationally that all Middle Eastern countries are dangerous. This development clearly shows the benefits of an increasing international tourism industry. In addition to this, tourism creates new opportunities for trade. For example, many Chinese tourists are bringing back products from foreign countries hat are currently unavailable in China.

These new trade ties are great for the health of the entire global economy and can be seen as yet another positive ramification resulting from increased tourism. On the other hand, the international tourism industry does pose some disadvantages. For one, money traveling into countries through tourism can lead to the establishment of some morally questionable activity. To name a few, tourist hotshots in developing countries are often rife with theft robbers, maimed beggars and prostitution.

The Inflaming of these Issues as a result of Increased tourism Is an obvious disadvantage to the growing global travel Industry. Following this analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of tourism and the falling travel prices that are making It more possible, It Is felt tourism has more benefits than drawbacks. It Is hoped the growth In global Intercultural understanding continues uninterrupted as tourism Increases.