Explain the importance and scope of Human Resource

Introduction People are the real assets of an organization. If treated well, they can take organizations to commanding heights. Two plus two could be four or even ten. Human Resource Development (HARD) stresses that human beings have the potential to do things better and hence it is a very positive concept in the human resource management. It is based on the belief that an investment in human beings is necessary and will Invariably bring In substantial benefits In the long run.

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Therefore, HARD is a process in which the employees of an organization are helped/motivated to acquire and develop technical, managerial and behavioral knowledge, skills and abilities, and mould the values, beliefs, attitude necessary to perform present and future roles by realizing highest human potential with a view to contribute positively to the organizational, group, Individual and social goals. Text According to Proof. TV Raw.

HARD Is a process by which the employees of an organization are helped in a continuous and planned way to: 1) Acquire or sharpen capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present or expected future roles ) Develop their capabilities as individuals and discover and exploit their own inner potential for their own and organizational development. 3) Have an healthy organizational culture in which a relationship between a superior and subordinate , team work , and a correlation between the sub units is strong and contribute to the professional well being of the employees.

In short, HARD aims at helping people to acquire competencies required to perform all their functions effectively and make their organization to do well. Feature of HARD HARD is a process by which employees of the organization are helped to help homeless so that they can bring out their true potential and develop their skills and organization. It has the following features: ;HARD is a system – It is a system having several interdependent parts or subsystems such as procurement, appraisal, development etc.

Change in any one subsystems I OFF It is a planned process – considered to be a systematic and planned way of developing skills as in the case of learning as it is ongoing Involved development of competencies – basically it tries to develop impenitence at four levels : At the personal level, as to how a person Job is important in achieving the organizational goals, By enhancing and redesign Jobs so that it is made more interesting for the employees, At the professional level, more emphasis is on developing relationship based on trust, confidence and help.

At the group level, task forces, cross functional teams are created to cement inter-group relationships. At the organizational level, the organization is made to create a development climate where every effort is made to harness human potential while meeting organizational goals It is an inter-disciplinary concept – HARD is a combination of various ideas, concepts, rainfalls and practice drawn from a number of sciences such as sociology, psychology economics etc. Improves quality of life – With the help of HARD the employee discovers and uses his capabilities in achieving the organizational goals.

He finds a new meaning to his work, where in the managers support such initiative through incentive plans and challenging work assignment. Importance of HARD Lets see the benefits of HARD, which will automatically prove why it is important for an organization to have proper HARD systems: 1 . HARD leads to adequate training, which makes people more competent, and the employees become more enterprising and innovative thus improving all round growth 2. HARD clearly defines the norms and standards of the organization as people become better aware of their skills required for performing a Job and what are they expected to do. . HARD ensures that employees are more committed to their Job as there is more clarity in their objectives and what rewards they are going to benefit when they achieve them. 4. HARD improves team work as employees become more open and trust each other. Thus new values come to be generated. 5. HARD overcomes resistance to change as there will be readiness to accept change as they find them better equipped with problem solving capabilities human resource planning 7.

HARD leads to participation by the workers which brings in a sense of achievement and pride in their work. The above points are enough to prove that HARD is an important part of human resource and needs to be given the same importance as any other human resource function. Conclusion Organizational to be dynamic should posses dynamic human resource. Human resource to be dynamic acquires capabilities continuously; adapt the values and levels values and aptitude in accordance with the changing requirement of the organization.

Similarly when employees use their initiative, task risks, experiment, innovative ideas and make things happen the organization may said to have an enabling culture. An organization can develop, change and excel only if it posses developed human resource. Thus HARD plays a significant role in making the human resource vital, useful and purposeful. Proof -r. V Raw “Human Resource Development” – Second Edition, New Delhi – India proof. V Raw ” HARD Audit” – New Delhi – India