Blackboard digital box “final exam”. Final Exam: Please read the case Pets. Com, and analyze the case based on the following questions in order to rejuvenate the marketing strategies for Pet. Com. 1 . Please provide a thorough SOOT analysis with detailed and logical reasoning for each Item of the SOOT you have Identified. 2. Based on the SOOT analysis, please Identify target market(s) and provide consisting statement(s) for each target market Identified.

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In addition, you need to justify why such targeting and positioning strategies are chosen. 3. Provide at least two objectives for the new marketing mix strategy to rejuvenate the existing unsuccessful marketing strategy. Please explain and Justify your objectives. 4. Based on your objectives In question 3, please provide at least three supporting tactics for each of the four elements of marketing mix. Please explain and Justify each tactic.