Frozen Vegetables Market

Most of the customers of those distributors and Importers are customers within the food Industry. Here you can think of supermarket chains or catering companies. On the other hand, FEET Is dealing with 60% of Its customers by Itself. It does so by dealing directly with four big hotel chains, located In Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other parts In Asia. At FEET it is possible to buy both frozen and tinned products. The products are transported and delivered by ship, which can handle both bulk orders and smaller retail packaging when needed.

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In that case, at Per it is all about the service they are offering. How do they deal with this? We can find the solution in the organization chart of the company, which is one of their most important assets in this case. Next to the managing director, Mr. Baker, the company is dealing with a commercial department, as well as a logistics and accounting department. Mr. Baker is responsible for the overall processes and management of the company, and he takes into consideration the internal and external decisions and policies.

He doesn’t only focus on the short-term goals of the company, but he takes also into consideration the long-term strategy plans by supporting the commercial apartment, and visiting (potential) customers and clients in different parts of the world. Mr. Wigwam and Ms De Gong are both working in the commercial department and are both responsible for different clients and customers of FEET. Mr. Wilma is responsible for all customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea, while Ms De Gong Is responsible for all the clients in Hong Kong and the remaining countries as well.