Fundamentals of Marketing

As the Managing Director (and founder) of the company, a skilled carpenter, does not have a business background he has asked you to brief him on a number of marketing issues, by means of a written marketing report. After extensive consultation you decide to deal with various headings in the main body of your report. As well as presenting the key theories behind the subject matter, he is also very keen for you to make your recommendations for the company on each of the matters. The headings you come up with are: 1 . The Different Marketing Management Orientations 2. The Marketing Environment 3.

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It should outline to the reader the assumptions being made by the student and thus needs to be outlined prior to the report proper. Please include inside the report’s cover page – there is no need to make reference to it in the table of contents (I. E. Consider it a separate document). Relevance, focus and structure; Quality of writing ; presentation. Table of Contents, Executive Summary ; Introduction (5 marks) As well as drawing up a table of contents detailing the different sections of the port, students should also write up an executive summary, previewing the main points of the report.

An introduction should also be included, outlining why the report has been written and detailing its structure. The Different Marketing Management Orientations (1 5 marks) Here students should overview the six marketing management orientations and should draw conclusions on which is the most appropriate orientation for this company to follow, giving reasons to support their answer. Comprehension, acquisition ; application of information; Argument and interpretation;

Quality of writing ; presentation The Marketing Environment Here students should outline the environmental variables that impact on a company both at macro and micro levels, paying particular attention to the types of factors that are especially crucial to the company selected. They should also make recommendations on how the company should deal with the outlined issues. Comprehension, acquisition ; application of information; Argument and Customer Buying Behavior BBC ; BIB – (20 marks) Here students should consider the factors influencing customer buying behavior, ND the steps customers go through in making a purchase.

These need to be considered in the context of both BBC and bib customers. Recommendations should be made as to how the company should pursue both customer types based on the preceding discussion. Marketing Research – the types and processes that will be useful to your company. Students should outline the usefulness of marketing research to this company at this point in time. Having outlined the alternative options of conducting marketing research, students should make recommendations on what this company might use racketing research for, and how they might pursue this research.

Segmentation, targeting ; positioning Students should outline all of the factors and variables included therein and a description of the segments that are of particular interest to the company as well as the main target markets. A suitable positioning strategy for the company should also be discussed. Conclusions and Recommendations Students should outline the overall conclusions from their report and outline a set of consideration that the Managing Director, for whom the report is being prepared, does not have a business background.