Human Development and Conflicting Theoretical Views

Students that suffer from developmental issues often have parents that diligently monitor their growth as an infant and as a toddler. They often anticipate and hope that as the time go by (rather it is days, months, or years), their child will accomplish every developmental accomplishment when they should and will reach every milestones they are supposed to.

For example, standing up on own without any assistance). A students development can be challenging for the Individuals parent because there are a lot of modifications that are In an individual’s development and their developmental milestones; there are several events in life that can cause a student’s development to go wrong, but in most cases changes are meaningless and do not last for a long period of time, permitting the individuals parents to have a sense of calmness, feeling, that all is well.

There are instances, nevertheless, when placements with an Individual do not go as designed, and there Is a reason to be concern when an Individual might be exalting an Intellectual dillydally (ID), early sign of autism, some other physical disorder, or language impairment.

At this point the parent will determine to rule out the visit to the pediatrician, a possible disorder will be determined, and once the student is enrolled in school, the academic faculty will approach the student’s parent with interests about their student’s language or behavior development. This essay discuss students delays vs… Differences, it will also present teachers with some difficult issues to get over, not the least of which is finding out when and how to interact with the student in order to accomplish maximum effects.

There are research-based interventions that exist, which came from conflicting theoretical views; but if interventions are empirically influenced and are adapted for the present and future necessities of a learner, then there must not be any criticism. Other methods and approaches are accessible to use at a later point tit incapacitated students, but the route to success will be better if there is a wide- range of services that are constant for the initial point in life.

I would like to include early intervention within my classroom because I feel when students have early intervention they will be able to correct their issue at an early stage within their educational career. References 1. SPEC 553 Lecture 4 (2012). Development issues and interventions for students with ID. Characteristics of Intellectual Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with ID. Lecture conducted from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix.