Innovation at Corporation

What had been m’s traditional approach to innovation? Product developers at MM generally relied on more traditional methods of seeking marketing input. They collect data from sales representatives, focus groups, customer evaluations, site visits, and data on risk factors for diseases. Product developers mainly focused on finding new angel or twist on early trends and basically TLD have direct access to customers. In MM, Sales representatives contacted with customers to gain marketing data. Product developers were not responsible for understanding customer requirements.

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There were very few market researchers worked at MM. Only one market researcher served 900 engineers. Instead, the firm hired out for market research reports from smaller market research firms . The traditional approach of MM was linear and Incremental Innovations. This strategic Is difficult to understand leading-edge customer needs and cannot keep up with the rate of change in today’s markets competition. Critique the Lead User research methodology. Advantages: The lead user research methodology captures the rich need information possessed by leading edge users who are facing and dealing with needs that are ahead of the marketplace.

The lead user research methodology brings together very different users and stimulates creative discussions. Product developers are pushed towards potentially new concepts. The lead user research methodology provides a way to obtain insights from the market. Product developers are able to contact with users directly. The lead-user research method provides a way to uncover rich information n emerging and future customer needs, which may help companies to find the next breakthrough innovation.

Limitations: It may be difficult to identify lead users. Finding the right people and reaching the real lead users would be a challenge for product team. The lead user research process is time-consuming. The lengthy process may prevent this method to be applied effectively in the industries with short-term innovation cycles. Lead users may not be willing to share their thoughts and Insights. Product team needs to give the lead users a compelling reason to respond and address concerns.