Toy industry

An increasing number of companies are trying to make sense of the world of social imputing technologies and aligning their innovation and strategic product development priorities with social initiatives. Predominantly an online presence is established between organization and consumer for a better and constant engagement. By using various social networks, companies are able to reach out to consumers In a non-abrasive and easy accessible fashion while building a user base. When consumers feel as they are considered as a part of a community, they are more Inclined to participate, represent, evangelize, or give back to an organization.

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When Samsung or Apple launches new products, an Increasing Importance Is given o social media to compliment the traditional marketing and PR activities. In doing so, these brands see success in extending and enhancing its campaigns in a way that builds upon existing fan acquisition and engagement on networks such as Linked, Backbone, Twitter, and Youth, enabling it to interact frequently with customers and introduce product and campaign concepts in a way previously unavailable.

Creation of ahead of launch ditz’ that ensures that new product launch has a good platform from which to develop. With a notable number of Backbone or Twitter fans also being early adopters of new products. Effective Utilization of customer and fan feedback delivers such brands with the perfect opportunity to measure effectiveness, tweak, react and adapt the product launch strategy In line with fan and customer feedback gained through social media engagement even ahead of the launch.

Early adopters and fans of popular brands will always be more likely to talk about new product or promotional campaign to their own friends, followers and peers, increasing both awareness and word-of-mouth. In light of this, such brands give rewards and incentives to those followers and those who do liking, sharing, posting, wetting, and generally talking about its new products.

By aligning new product launches with mails, Backbone and Twitter competitions, can increase fan acquisition and customer engagement, as well as present customers with special offers, exclusive discounts, dilation support or content and even free products. Social media such as Twitter now provide a space where potential consumers can engage with brands and deepen their relationships with them. The Social media Is able create some innovation contest for getting ideas from users and establishing a good