Mother Dairy Industry Report, a Plant in Delhi India

Critical observations are done In Ares Like organizational culture, team Hyannis, lay out and process. Visit dated on July 30th 2012, clearly explained how a particular industry runs in top position and how it helps society. Competition is high in all industries irrespective of sectors, but “Mother Dairy’ with Its dedication, hard work and eager to be the best made Mother Dairy #1 In Industry. It shows sky Is the limit for success. Mother Dally quoted that running for money and choosing a short cut Isn’t a way for success.

Mother Dairy systems are designed to have process monitoring and controls at each stage of food chain towards Continual Improvements, Mother Dairy, assure that their valued consumers are satisfied, each Flood Programmer, is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (ANDS) of India. Mother Dairy’s range of products include the brands Mother Dairy (milk, milk products, curd, ice cream,butter,etc. ), Dharma(range of edible oils) and Safe (range of fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen vegetables, fruit Juices).

Current Managing Director for Mother Dairy is Mr.. S. Anagram. Currently, it is one of the largest milk (liquid/unprocessed) plants in Asia. Presently Delhi Mother Dairy sells more than 35 lake litter of milk per day,out of which about 10 lake litter of milk is old as bulk vended milk and another 25 lake litter of milk is sold in poly pack in five different variants. Apart freeholder, Mother Dairy markets its poly pack milk in Gujarat, Andorra Pradesh,Maharajah’s, Western U. P, & Harlan.

Mother Dairy light up millions of farmers lives with prosperity Mandela reliance. Everyday , they procure and market over three million litter of milk. The milk keeps the nation healthy help farmers live of dignity. So, at Mother Dairy people don’t just buy milk. They contribute to the nation’s growth, litter by litter. Mother Dairy resources significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives. Similarly, Mother Dairy sources fruits and vegetables from farmers / growers associations.

Mother Dairy also contributes to the cause of oilseeds grower cooperatives that manufacture/ pack the Dharma range of edible oils by undertaking to nationally market all Dharma products. It is Mother Dairy’s constant endeavor to ensure that milk producers and farmers regularly and continually receive market prices by offering quality milk, milk products and other food products to consumers at nominative prices and uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable.

Milk is received through insulated road/tankers at very low temperature thus retaining the freshness of the milk. The milk then undergoes 23 stinger quality tests before it is accepted for processing. Mother dairy sources significant part of fresh milk from state co- operatives and Mother Dairy owned New Generation Co-operatives(NAG). Milk received from individual producer is checked for all basic quality parameters meeting company specifications ; requirements at respective collection ; hilling centers.

Milk is supplied to the dairy units through insulated milk Tankers at ;4 deg C through road/tankers, thus retaining the freshness of milk. All incoming Milk received at Dairy units undergoes 23 squirting Quality cheeks before it is accepted for processing . These include organization (Taste,odor;Appearance), physic-chemical(e. G. Temperature ,Foreign matter, % Fat, %SNIFF,% Acidity,%Protein etc. ), microbiological (e. G. AMBER), also presence of any adulterations in milk (e. G.

Formalin, urea, starch, sugar, glucose, maltreating, nitrate, salt, hydrogen reside, neutralize, ammonium compounds and Fat adulterations). Commodities, ingredients ;packaging material used for our products are checked, approved and released by quality functions as per company specifications and requirements. It is Mother Dairy’s constant endeavor to (a) Ensure that milk producers and farmers regularly and continuously receive remunerative prices (b) Uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable.

At Mother Dairy, processing of technology is adopted to integrate and completely automate all functions of the milk recessing areas to ensure high product quality/ reliability and safety. Mother Dairy an ISO 9001 :2008 (SMS), ISO 22000:2005 (FSML) and ISO 14001 :2004 (MESS) certified organization. Mother Dairy has Certificate of Approval from Export Inspection Council of India also. Moreover, its Quality Assurance Laboratory is certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NAB)-Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The company derives significant competitive advantage from its unique distribution network of bulk vending milk booths, retail outlets and mobile units. Mother Dairy ice creams launched in the year 1995 have shown continuous growth over the years and today boasts of approximately 62% market share in Delhi and NCR. Mother Dairy also manufactures and markets a wide range of dairy products that include Butter, Mist Dot, Pander, Dahl, Ghee, Cheese, DUH Milk, Probity Products, Lassie & Flavored Milk and most of these products are available across the country.

Safe is the market leader in the organized fruit & vegetable retail business in Delhi NCR where it sells an average of 300 MAT/day through a network of 350+ exclusive retail outlets under rand name Safe/ Safe Pure Vega, supported by a state-of-the-art large and ultramodern Central Distribution Facility located in Delhi with an annual capacity to handle and process MAT of fresh fruits and vegetables. Safe today operates the largest number of F&V Stores in Delhi NCR and has further expansion plans in place. Retail Outlets are also present in Bangor under the brand name Safe Daily Fresh.

Safe has a prominent presence in Export market spread across 40 countries biz. , USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia and Africa and exports Fresh Fruits & Vegetables (Grapes, Banana, Gherkin, Onion, etc. , Fruit Pulp & Concentrate, Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, etc. A state-of-the-art fruit processing plant of fruit handling capacity of 15,000 MAT annually, setup in 1996 at Iambi supplies quality products in the international market. With increasing demand another state-of-the-art fruit processing plant has been set up at Bangor with fruit handling capacity of around 50,000 MAT annually.

The Dharma range of edible oils is marketed by Mother Dairy. Today it is one of the leading brand of edible oils and is available across the country in over outlets. The brand is known for its PURITY and focuses on the indigenous oil. Mother Dairy is committed to deliver products which meet all regulatory, industrial, consumer Quality and Food safety requirements to our valued consumers. Their continuous efforts focused on building a sustainable “Quality and Food Safety Program” across food chain, using state of the art processes and innovative technologies towards delivering wide range of “Dairy and Food” products.

Their systems are designed to have process monitoring and controls at each stage of food chain towards Continual Improvements. They, assure that their valued consumers are satisfied, each time they experience their product. They achieve this by, ;Implementing robust Mother Dairy Management System, which is an Internal System, developed to meet the all Process Requirements based on National & International Standards. eliminating International Management System Standards (ISO);Bench Marking, Best-Len-Class requirements;process Optimization : Constantly working on latest innovative Technologies;capability has established a frame work for Auditing & Assessments of Complete Food Chain ;Consumer Satisfaction It is their endeavor to create a culture of “Total Quality’ where continuous improvement of their people, processes and products becomes a way of life.