NSTP Character Development Program

Learning functional values such as how to share and show self-control, how to focus and transition smoothly from one activity to another, how to empathic with others’ linings and resolve conflict effectively are Just as important as academic learning. Business leaders agree that many of today’s high school and college graduates who are entering the work force may be strong Intellectual but many are weak In their ability to control their Inhibitions or to collaborate with colleagues In solving problems Benefits: documented.

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A report from the National Research Council, From Neurons to Neighborhoods, confirms that from birth to age five, development in all areas is more rapid than at any other time in life. Nurturing guidance and attention to every part of child’s development during this crucial stage helps them acquire not only math and reading proficiency, but also compassion, strength, independence, resilience, and a love of learning;qualities that are easy to take for granted, but are crucial for success beyond preschool.

Target beneficiaries: Students Teachers Parents Time Frame: Materials and Means: Holistic Approach Goals and objectives: Life Skills: Child participates in monthly discussions and small tasks with a focus on safety, personal well-being and health aspects of character development. ; Adopt A Grandparent: Your child experiences regularly scheduled activities with local senior citizens to build special friendships between young and old. ; Posies & Pollywog’s and Way to Be! Through discussion, arts and crafts, puppet play, games and role-playing, your child learns values such as honesty, compassion, respect, and good Judgment. ; Helping Hands: to learn the value of helping others by participating in community-minded activities and lessons Towards the development of the community, this project hopes to… ; Provide a character development program in our adopted school and also in our society. Enhance physical, mental, and social skills.

Help high school students to strength, independence, resilience, and a love of learning;qualities that are easy to take for granted and also, helps to overcome self-confidence and sound mental health, motivation to learn, achievement in school and later in life. For our self-development, we are implementers their project to… ; Promote different skills that the child can overcome to use in their future life. ; Inspire us to help these high school students to improve their individual skills. And also to improve leadership.