Outlines the development of a child from birth

Outlines the development of a child from birth through age eight from both a theoretical and cognitive skill/ knowledge based perspective. Birth to eight years By elysian Why do you think Bigotry’s coloratura theory is so relevant to working with young children?

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Visigoths coloratura theory is relevant to working with young children because his theory provide ways of understanding and it’s guidelines meet the children on their development needs though ongoing interactions with adults that is rounding among them their social and cultural wellbeing plays effect on the children social interactions and how they develop (Background, 2012, p. 77). Is culture related to cognition?

Yes, culture is related to cognition due to the fact that children learn to solve problems of the real world from their environment and their culture background , ( from experience in working with children not all culture are sociable and their children feed off that) (Background 2012, p 83) . Although cultural plays a big role in ignition but the social interaction of adult such as the parents, other family members, friends and caregiver also play a role of cognition development In children. How can this theory be applied to the classroom and diverse learners?

This theory can be applied in the classroom and to diverse learners with the knowledge of the development milestones of the appropriate age children, learn the developmental state of the child, and provide the material and opportunity for the children to be blew to complete the task and to do the task with assistant from others, therefore scaffolding will be most effective with diverse learners, when done In the zone of proximal development, and It occurs not Just In formal educational setting but any time a more expert person tailors his or her Interactions to gulled a child to level near the limits of that child’s performance (Background, 2012, p. 84) Share an example from your experiences with young children that exemplify how culture Is embedded In cognitive growth.