Personal Development Plan

Where am I now, what am I doing and how well am I doing it? I am doing an Apprenticeship at Russell Hill Road Day Nursery, working to achieve my level two NV. I am doing it to the best of my abilities. Q. Where do I want to be In 1,2 and 5 years’ time? What are my goals? In one year’s time I would like to be on my way to starting my level three NV, in two years’ time I would like to be completing my level here NV and in five years’ time I would Like to be a fully qualified Nursery teacher.

Q. What new skills, knowledge and behaviors will I need to get there? I will need the skills of first aid and those required to complete my level two and three NV. Q. How might my work change In the next few years? I may get a pay rise, extra hours, extra responsibilities such as becoming a key worker and having to do activity planning, observations etc. Q. How can I achieve my goals?

I can achieve my goals by doing the work given to me and making sure I complete that work on time and to the best of my ability, in addition to listening to my superiors at work and helping them out to the best of my abilities. Q. What opportunities and resources are available? I have the opportunity to go on courses that will help me complete my Envy’s faster, help with the work set and give me extra credentials such as learning courses on childcare and a first aid course.

Resources available are colleges at my work place that have done Envy’s themselves and who can give me advice on things I may be struggling with. Q. What are you trying to achieve, how will you achieve them and how will you be able to tell when you have achieved them? I am trying to achieve a level two and three NV, I will achieve this by completing my course and I will be able to tell when I have achieved them because I will be told by my superiors.