Personal professional development

Capper, M. (2006)). ” A development can occur in lass or personally; self-manage learning is an aspect of professional development, which is personally motivated for a specific goal achievement. Self-managed learning is a way people or an individual gains new skills, which could be of benefit in a society, at work or in a diversified environment. It’s one of personal professional development virtue which helps individuals to manage or gain skills at their own pace and time.

Self-managed learning give a share control of learning to the candidate that is willing to take this route and further In whatever they feel they deed progress In. There are several approaches to self-managed learning some of It involves groups knowledge sharing, Internet, software package, university distance programs and many more (Murphy-LATA,Terry . 2008). In other to have a successful career, I must be ready to learn, be able to set learning goals, and must be ready to engage in learning process.

History has it that most thinkers are highly self motivated, they are personally ready to face any hardship that comes with them achieving their goal; take for instant Albert Einstein the father of mass-energy equivalence, had a prolonged self reserved study and thinking time, in his garden or at home dwelling on issues to improve his theoretical physics knowledge, right from his younger age to his adulthood. Learning must not be bound by age or time and place; it should be progressive with no limit to where, how, when, what and who helped to acquire knowledge.

I have equipped my self with several learning tools on my Pad, phone and recorded literatures, which I can listen to, at any point In time or read at any time. Breaks and lunch are utilized to Improve areas am lagging In. An Individual needs to develop a wide set of skills that will help with learning effectively. These include self-motivation, evaluating, organizing, analyzing, presenting, collaborating and sharing information, as well as listening to people, remembering and recording conversations and discussions.

This will create a better approach towards achieving personal goals. Personal goals when achieved stayed longer on the mind and the result can be improved as time goes by. Lifelong learning. Lifelong learning according to the view of European union Its acquiring and obtaining al kinds of ability, Interest, knowledge and qualifications from per-school years to post retirement years; It’s a life long process that encompass learning at different stagiest of life.

Lifelong learning may stretch over a lifetime – Is the new educational reality, not Limited too specified age group or time. Lifelong learning If managed properly will create a genuine way of studying and achieving goals for everyone at Creating a passion for free thinking and understanding in the minds of learners is the best way to preserve lifelong learning. If an individual grows interest in studying, its much more easier for them to understand what they are studying.