Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Activities Development activities: Goals & objectives Strategies Time Frame Therapeutic and Caring Relationship Establish a relationship between the clients and malting the relationship wealth therapeutic boundaries by exercising professional Judgment and considering client’s cultural, spiritual, mental and biophysical needs. I will be able to set or define the limits of the relationship, Identify unacceptable and/or abusive situations wealth the relationship and develop strategies to terminate the nurse-client relationship In a therapeutic manner.

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Study on research papers to get those suggested guldens to know how to establish appropriate nurse-client relationship. Obtain the experience relationship with the clients. Communication skills will be needed and reinforced in this process. This will be achieved within the I-year period after newly registered. Quality and Risk Management Not involve in any patient safety incidents, and enhance knowledge and awareness of quality and risk management in order to deliver safe and high-quality patient care.

I will be able able to recognize common clinical risks, apply risk assessment tools and make use of appropriate preventive measures. Recognize common clinical risks by studying HA Quality & Risk Management Annual Report. Attend the learning & sharing workshops, forum and seminar to equip relevant knowledge like how to use risk assessment tools to identify the potential risks and make use of appropriate preventive measures.

Capabilities of critical thinking and problem solving will be both enhanced in the whole process. This will be achieved within the 2-year period after newly registered. Continuous Professional Education Accumulate more than 34 continuing nursing education (CNN )points in the CNN system hold by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong so as to update and develop knowledge and skills through continuing education, and also demonstrate responsibility of ensuring competence in fulfilling the evolving roles and functions.

By identifying own strengths, weaknesses and areas for further development, I will attend learning activities provided by accredited providers such as education programmer, professional seminar and workshop, structured in-house group discussion, e-learning, etc. My self-managed learning ability will be incorporated into the process. This will be achieved within the 3-year period after newly registered.