Physical and cognitive development in adolescence

Kamala Just woke up and has discovered that his sheets are wet. He realizes that he has had his first wet dream. This is the first time he has ever ejaculated. Kamala has just experienced _scapegrace_. Question 6 According to the powering slides the factors that may contribute to the lower age of menarche include _obesity_. Question 7 Lucian has a 13 year old daughter who is pregnant. She is devastated. Based on what you have learned in class what can she encourage in her daughter to give her daughter and grandchild the best chances of success in life? Make sure her daughter gets an education_. Question 8 Although Angelo would like to believe that people do NOT Judge him based on how he looks and instead Judge him only based on the content of his personality, he appropriately for occasions in which he needs to create positive impressions on others. Angelo is showing _postural thought_. Question 9 When Sergei who is 30 looks at other people’s facial expressions he uses his _prenatal cortex_ and when Dennis who is 14 looks at other people’s facial expressions he uses his _magical_.

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Because of this Dennis is more likely to misinterpret negative expressions as being angry_. Question 10 Bella is 8 years old and has Just gotten her first period. Because Bella is an early maturing girl, there is a higher likelihood that she will _develop breast cancer later on in life . Question 11 In the audio news story about high school drop outs (the one that focused on the Chicago Public School project), the focus of the new program to try to reduce dropout rates is _prevention_. Question 12 Rachel has Just started going through puberty.

The beginning of her period is a primary sex characteristic _ and the underarm hair that she has discovered is a Question 13 Gerard is thinking of discussing puberty and sex with his 11 year old son. He is not sure though about whether or not he wants to have this conversation. According to what we discussed in the Powering slides and the clips that you saw on the subject, which of the following is a valid reason why it is important for him to have this conversation with his son? All of the above . Question 14 The dropout rate in the city of Chicago is _more than 50% .