Promote Professional Development

In my opinion I believe it is important to continue to develop and improve my knowledge ND practice so that I am able to manage my team effectively. When I have all the new and relevant information I am in a better position to deliver quality service to the service users. With up-to-date training I will be able to offer support and training to my colleagues, because they will be looking to me for guidance. By continuing professional development my confidence will be built and will assist me to deal with all the changes within the care sector.

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With the relevant training, the standard of my skills and practices will be updated and I will be able to motivate my staff team, so we ill be able to create a better caring and working environment. I am a Deputy Manager and it is my responsibility to keep my skills, knowledge and practices up-to- date. I need to be aware of the changes within the care sector; changes to standards, legislation and guidance so that I can adhere to the organization’s policies and procedures. Professional development is a long time process with on-going activities.

I need to ensure that my skills and training are up-etc-date so that the ICQ standards and recommendations are achieved by myself and my staff team. I will be able to pass on new and relevant information to my staff team enabling them to carry out their roles efficiently ensuring that high standards are maintained. I can do this In either staff meeting or supervision. Staff need to know that managers are up-etc;-date on all the changes wealth the care sector, they need to know that when they need advice and guidance on policies and procedures or any changes they can ask their manager. . 2 Analyses potential barriers to professional development There are many barriers to professional development it could be organizational arises or personal barriers. Organizational barriers Staff shortages Poor communication Lack of encouragement from management Lack of resources or budget No training opportunity Lack of supervision and appraisal Personal barriers Language barrier Low self-esteem Health problems Health appointments Transport problems Too confident or stubborn Poor staffing levels can hinder training opportunity for staff to develop their skills and knowledge.

With the company’s Lack of funding and resources in regards to provide training to staff will hinder professional development. Poor communication between staff and management is another big issue, the communication barrier needs to be remove so that staff can go to manager and request the training that they need to assist them with their personal development. Manager needs to encourage and work with staff to develop a professional development plan and how to achieve their goals. Carry our regular supervision at least six for the year and a yearly appraisal to ensure that staff can discuss their development plan.

Reviewing development plans will enable managers to identify the barrier. Organizations need to remove the barriers so that staff will be able develop their skills and knowledge. Personal barriers are a major factor in our professional development and every day we are face with more issues; childcare problems, lack of time; this could be due to staffing levels because staff are away on personal appointments. Low self-esteem can hinder professional development; it plays on your emotion and lead staff to lack the motivation to pursue their goals.

Language barrier is a big issue in the care sector today and because of his staff lack the confidence to try and relay what they want to achieve with others because the fear they will be miss-understood. Managers will need to identify the barriers to professional development and seek the appropriate methods of supporting staff to reach their full potential. 1. 3 Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development There are different sources and systems of support for professional development; IEEE Appraisals, development plan, induction, in-house-training, external training and reflective diary.

Induction to the work place is an essential start to understanding the aims, objectives and purpose of the work place. Induction will provide staff with basis knowledge and skills they need to carry out their Job roles effectively. With induction you will be guided through the some of the policies and procedures, shown around the work place and be introduced to the service users and staff. Appraisal and personal development plan will enable staff to keep their knowledge and skills up dated and will allow staff to talk about their strengths and weaknesses with their manager.

Staff will be able to identify the areas that they need to develop and how to achieve set targets. In-house training will assist staff in gaining the skills that they need to carry out their duties and to ensure that they are following the company’s policies and procedures and will allow staff to interact and support each other. However external training will provide staff with the skills and qualifications that they need to be able to deliver quality care and support for our service users.

Having a reflective diary is an important part of professional hey are doing it, is there another way to reach set target and the way to reach target. 1. 4 Explain factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date. There are many factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date. When carrying out the staff supervision, there are factors that we could look into; what training does the staff need to be able to carry out their Job effectively? Look at the goal, is it realistic?

Is it what the individual wants? Is it relevant to the staff Job description? Is this the only way that staff could gain the understanding of the aims and objectives of the home. Motivation is a major factor for some staff who lack the motivation to study, some staff do better in group where someone is there to encourage them to carry on. Factor to consider with external training is; if staff is going to college or university they will have to form a new support team, with some staff this would be k but there are others who it would take a long time to form that closeness with people.

Financial factor; is it cost effective, can the organization afford the cost? Is there another way to gain the qualification? Managers will have to look into these factors and find ways to ensure that staff receive the training and knowledge that they need to carry out their Job effectively. Managers will have to discuss this when carrying out yearly appraisal and set out a development plan and look at realistic goals. 2 – Be able to priorities goals and targets for own professional development 2. 1 Evaluate own knowledge and performance against standards and benchmarks