Real Advice (importance of small businesses)

Warm and inspiring benefit-rich VO that reflects the importance of small businesses.
(3 1/2 minute online video narration)
Industries: Small Business, Health and Wellness

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America was built by small businesses. With passion, hard work and dedication, people reached out and grew their businesses for the greater good of our nation. And in tough economic times, small businesses like yours will be the ones to get America back on its feet again.

At, we know what it takes to build a business from the ground up. That’s how we started. We believe strongly in our service and do our very best to tell people about it. And now we want to help you reach your potential. Exceptional products and services like yours deserve to be marketed effectively. America first grew strong through community connection. It’s the same today. But now the global community is literally at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. The potential growth for your business is not just a dream, it’s possible. America depends on you and we believe in you.

At, connecting real people with real advice is what we’re all about. Our members use as a unique search engine to get advice about a variety of topics, from plants to parenting. For small businesses, being a Real Advice Preferred Advisor is like networking in a room full of people looking just for you. We’ll give you all the tools you need to pro-actively reach your global audience and grow your business.

At a fraction of what it costs to place a one-time ad in a magazine, we’ll give you these six valuable tools to help you market you business effectively.

Your own webpage on Creating your business profile as a webpage, complete with logo and photo, gives you a professional presence in our database. Potential clients will be able to view your webpage instantly.

Easily uploadable videos. Video promotions and video testimonials are extremely powerful sales tools that speak to the heart of your audience. Real Advice makes it easy to upload videos to your webpage.

Online Invitations. Use your Preferred Advisor homepage email to reach out to all of your social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Gmail, MSN and Yahoo. Inviting people to join your RealAdvice network will help grow your business online.

Real time chat and billing. Chat with your clients live online and retain the total fee you charge for your time. Both our members and Preferred Advisors appreciate the convenience and immediacy of real time chat.

Emails directed to your target audience. You can easily send mass emails to your current contacts and potential clients with updates, news blasts or online office hours. Constant and consistent contact with your audience ensures return clients and referrals.

Top positioning in search results. Preferred Advisors are listed within the first three search results for your categories. So your profile is seen immediately and your Preferred Advisor Seal validates your positioning.

With these six tools, the path to building your business is clear. Connecting with the global community is easy.

It’s also affordable. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for local TV and magazine ads, just $29.99 a month will connect you on a global scale as a Real Advice Preferred Advisor.

We want you to succeed; hard working small businesses are the foundation of our country. Without you, none of us will succeed. But while it’s up to you to build your business, we can help make it really easy to connect with people and expand your clientele. There’s an untapped global market waiting for you online. Sign up as a Preferred Advisor right now for just a dollar a day and you’ll not only realize your potential, you’ll grow beyond it.

Real Connection. Real People. Real Advice.