Recruiting Customer Hotline Operator for resort hotel

At the same time, the supervisors within the same department have to be provided the knowledge from their understanding of the requiring position, as the sources for Job analysis. Information collected for Job Analysis (Interview checklist): What are the actual work actively of the Job? Employee working In this position Is going to solve enquiries of our guest and potential clients. Dueling with complaints and transfer to related department relationship between clients and out company and contribute to communication between departments and make concerted efforts.

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Collaborate with different apartment to accomplish the duty of alarming when special action assigned and provide emergency services and help in such saturation whenever possible. What are the human behaviors required in Job? Candidates must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable to work with all levels of people. Problem solving and dealing with complaints, familiar with polite language speaking. What kind of Machines, tools, equipment will use in job? Simple PC operation and English and Chinese character processing. New operators are taught how to use the phone equipment, keep records of calls.

Log book to record facial cases that need to report to supervisor. What is the standard of Job performance? Quality output levels measures by fulfilling the greeting standard, feedback from customer and accomplishment of daily procedures. The physical working conditions and work schedule Physical working condition is an opening office. 24-hours shift duty(include night shift duty) with 9 hour per day and 5 days per week including Sundays & Public Holidays. What are the Job’s human requirements? A high school diploma or its equivalent is the minimum requirement.

In our recruitment, we expect more on the outside candidate because the salary for the customer hotelier operator is in the bottom of the pyramid in the 5-star hotel. But we still sent the recruitment information to our staff, because it is equal to the internal and external candidates. Internal Candidate We know the Customer Hotelier Operators is not a very high technical Job, but this Job require a candidates who has a comprehensive knowledge about our hotel. Therefore, if our existing employees are interest in this position, we will give this opportunity to them to apply for it. Because they have a stronger commitment to the company and do not need much training and orientation required.

It can help us to save time and money. Secondly it can increase employees’ morale, when the employee has the interest in the position and finally get the Job; they must pay more heart on their new Job. So it can improve their service quality. And we already knew the background and skill of the candidates. It means they can skip the feeling of maladjustment in the company. But it still has some disadvantage when we use this way as well. If the candidates failed in this recruitment, they will feel unhappy and quality will decrease. However, in this course of event, we can write an e-mail which includes the Job recruitment information to send to all the staff in our hotel.

On the other hand, we can design and create a poster, which have the Job recruitment information, and put up in the employees’ canteen, staff bus and their office notice board. These two methods can help us to make sure the employees know we have job recruitment soon. External candidates In this process, we have many different ways from outside. The one which is popular and effective is internet. We can put our recruitment information on our hotel official website, but it is not enough, because the candidates may not open our hotel official website as usual. However, we can cooperate with Macro local Job website, for example, Just like Jojoba. Com and e]bumboat. Com. Then, we can do some advertisements. We will put our information on the newspaper which is like Macaw Daily and Journal Vicki.

Therefore, the customer hotelier operators should be able to handle the case calmly and having the ability to working under stress. Testing For the testing program, there are few items to fulfill the Job requirements. First is to test their basic language level. Except the local language, it is better to understand the other languages, such as a candidate who writes the language skill in their curriculum vitae, he/she may be requires to having a test for writing or listening test. Moreover, the test will also having a test calls to make sure that the customer hotelier operators is able to handling the different situation which may happen. The test using the different situational problems to test the communication skills, dealing behavior and the ability of work.

Furthermore, the mentality of the candidate is also an important requirement. The psychoanalysis will evaluate by the psychologist. The examinations, the testing would like to arrange the candidate to having a general health check-up in order to reduce sick leave of the candidate. Background investigations and selection The background investigations will use as the reference by the reference checks. It will use the references provided by the candidate form the application form and the preference should not over than 3 months in order to enhance the reliability of the reference. The reference will be ask through the telephone by the human resources department in order to prove the reliability of the candidate.

Moreover, we will ask the open-end questions in order to make the background checks more useful. The reference record will keep by human resources department as a further reference and not for public. After the testing, the result of the testing is one of the important elements for selecting a particular candidate. The selection will fit in the OWE and create a fair Job opportunities for all candidate. INTERVIEW Since hotelier operator will affect the first impression of the guests of the hotel, as we are a 5-star hotel in Macaw; we hope that Job seekers have the relevant knowledge and understanding of this position. During the interview, applicants need to answer behavioral, Job-related and situational questions.

Owing to this position requires independence and does not require face-to-face communication with the guests; appearance is not the first priority for consideration, we mainly focus on personal ability. On the other hand, mainland visitor is our main target market, so that engage requirements will be relatively increased levels of Mandarin, we will prepare a mock speech or oral and the applicants need to read aloud with different languages in order to observe the language fluency, speech rate, articulate clarity, tone. In addition, for the sake of fairness, all applicants will be answering the same questions and it is a structured interview. During the interview, English will be used as basic language for communication and the interview format will be one on one.

The reason is one on one interview will be easier for us to observe the performance of applicants. The whole interview will divided into 2 rounds and we are following this processing as below: Round 1 Self-introduction Each applicant will have 2 minutes to introduce themselves Read aloud the mock speech with different languages Test the applicants to see if they can communicate with customer in a polite tone and observe their language fluency, speech rate and articulate clarity. Behavioral Questions Based on your past work experience, what is the most significant action you have ever taken to help your colleagues? When your supervisor and you do not have consensus on the requirements of a project, what will you do?

Those questions can let us know their social intercourse skills and to see if they will bring up their own opinions actively. Job-related Questions Can you talk about what kind of skills you will use when you handling the complaints? In order to be a competent hotelier operator, what elements are most important? Those questions are to test them how much they know and how they think about this job. Round 2 Suppose your give the wrong answer to customer and you do not have the information about this customs, what will you do? If the guest asks some questions which are not included our range of service, how will you answer? Those questions re to show what skills they will use when they are handling some situations which is out of their control.