Sparksville’s Furniture Industry

Gregory Border, Instructor Sparkler’s current issue with the economic industry is that their biggest company has relocated to South Korea which has left the town searching for a replacement for a new company. Due to the company relocating many people from Saukville are left without a Job and the revenue is declining. A new company is needed to improve the city declining Job market and enhance the economy revenue. There are three choices that have been in consideration, which are a furniture industry, a car factory ND an oil refinery.

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The furniture industry has stated that it will be able to provide 250 Jobs within the community, increasing spending within local businesses and there will be minimal impact on the environment. There will be no harm to air quality and also the environment. The furniture industry wouldn’t have a negative effect on the water and oceans but there isn’t a plan if it were to occur. The car factory has stated that they will be able to provide 1000 new Jobs In many disciplines. The car actors it will provide technologies that will focus on minimize environmental impact.

The car factory has stated that they will protect air quality by focusing air quality Into ponds which will negatively affect the ponds. The car factory has onsite treatment for water pollution. There should be a plan set to avoid polluting the city water flow. The oil refinery has stated that It will be able to provide a minimum of 2000 Jobs with a wide range of skills to the community. The OLL refinery has a positive history of economic Impact and environmental Improvement. The OLL refinery has a state of alarm scrubbing technology which will reduce alarm pollution.

The OLL refinery has tested their water Impact within their other refineries and they will Invest In real-estate to create green belts. Like all OLL refineries there will be some pollution In the rivers and oceans which will negatively affect the organisms within the waters. After reviewing this Information I would greatly recommend the furniture Industry. I recommend the furniture Industry because there will be a Randall effect on the environment and a read amount of Jobs will be available to the citizens of Sparkled.

The alarm quality will not be negatively affected and although there Isn’t a plan In place for water pollution. The city of Sparkled and Direct 2 U Furniture INC, will be working together to create a plan that will be Instilled In place of an event of polluted water. Although the other companies would provide more Jobs than this company the negative effects that will occur are not worth It. Direct 2 U Furniture will be a great fit for the City of Sparkled and we welcome this company to our city.