Tabacco industry

Countries in south-east Asia, only two countries don’t allow advertising on National TV and radio, most of them don’t allow advertising on International TV and radio, except democracy people’s republic of Korea, and India. Economic China Nation Tobacco Corp. has a profits of $91. 7 billion compared to profits of Morris Tobacco Company $24. 4 billion Cigarette tax levels are lower In low and middle-income countries. Cigarette tax Is much higher In developed countries about $7. 4. It Is much lower In developing countries about $0. 31. Countries in south-east Asia, some countries don’t have many promotional discount.

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Only three countries are free to others. They are Bhutan, Nepal, and Timer-Lest. Social/Culture There are a lot of cigarette production in south-east Asia, because a lot of people like smoking at there. There are a lot of cigarette production in south-east Asia, because the tax is low. There are a lot of cigarette advertisement on TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper In south-east Salsa countries. Suppliers China has the biggest cigarette maker China Nation Tobacco Corp.. Customers All around the world. Especially, China and Russia have a lot of people smoke.

Competitors Special Interest Groups (GIGS) Countries in south-east Asia, a lot of countries smoke-free in publics areas like Bhutan. But in some countries it is not free, like smoking in restaurant should pay money in south-east Asia countries, expect Bhutan. International Organizations World Health Organization Regulatory Agencies NIH Tobacco and Nicotine Research Interest Group(Tangle) Economic impact on the Food industry Place OSHA Economic;3 KEF: offers different kinds of food in different countries. Such as the chickens, sides, and dessert. Pizza hut: have different food in different countries.

In china it has Tertiary Pizza because Chinese like eating Tertiary. BIANCA Hall: people eat Kosher food (meat,dairy and Parke), and they don’t eat shellfish, eel, sharks and reptiles. KEF: in China and Israel people can not drive-up to store, but in other countries people can do it. Pizza hut: in China and India it located in Malls/Central. However, in I-J and USA it is stand alone store. Pizza hut: it cheap in USA, but much more expensive in China and Indian. KEF: Have Mascots”chicks ” in a lot of countries. Have activities in China (leaning games), Germany (KEF Zone), and France (Menu games).

Because KEF is popular in those countries. Technology* Internet develop helps food products can show on net. 36, mobile(smart) phone, SMS, Internet, connect home. For free Suppliers#J;F BIANCA Hall:people who believe in Islamic. Percentage of Hall Request per country: Indonesia 55%, Malaysia 20%, USA 10%, Singapore 5% and others 10%. KEF: McDonald’s McDonald’s has a place for play in the United States,but KEF don’t have it in the United States. Special Interest Groups (GIGS) Regulatory FDA(Nutrition Facts ), BIANCA Environment impact on the Alcohol industry Europe: warning label.

Asia: warning label. USA: federal trade commission act Canada:food&drug act. Advertising restriction: in UK is the self-regulation, in Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea and India is statutory legislation. India: cable television network amendment Technology 36, mobile(smart) phone, SMS, Internet, connect home I-J: British medical association. Drinkable Trust-Government, Industry, Medical. France: enterprise&prevention Japan: health and alcohol incorporated association South Korea : Korean public health association India: society for alcohol and social policy initiative.

USA: the century council World health organization, international center for Alcohol policies, World trade organization,logo international To direction and coordinating for healthy within the United nation system; To help reduce the abuse of alcohol worldwide promote understanding of the role of alcohol n society; The only global international organization dealing with the rule of trade between nations; Largest international non-government organization working in the field of alcohol and seek to promote a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.

I-J: Dept of health/ alcohol harm reduction strategy for England. Ministerial group. South Korea: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family affairs. Korea food and drug administration. Mexico: ministry of interior. Brazil:Get All around the world. Japan:National Tax Agency USA: alcohol and tobacco Tax& Trade bureau I-J: foci