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Passionate, imaginative and intimately familiar with every aspect of luxury world travel, our travel advisors create unforgettable journeys for our customers.

Experience a custom designed vacation created specifically for you. Our expert travel advisors begin with a full consultation to ensure a detailed understanding of your special travel interests and tastes. Then they develop a custom itinerary based on your needs and their first-hand experiences with your desired destination. Our vast supplier network puts exclusive preferred partner amenities at our fingertips while saving you money. The Virtuoso community affords us the ability to secure reservations in the finest hotels, resorts, cruise lines and tour companies throughout the world. Your expectations will be met, fulfilled and exceeded.

Discover the world through Lake Shore Travel. Let our travel advisors lead the way to your next dream vacation.


Imagine watching the Egyptian sunset behind the towering Pyramids, diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or dogsledding with your family on a 1,000-year-old Alaskan glacier. Lake Shore Travel knows that passionate travelers crave extraordinary experiences. That’s why we provide unparalleled, rare opportunities across the globe. Our privileged access and vast resources turn a nice trip into an unforgettable experience.

We believe that travel expands our knowledge, bonds us together and broadens our view of the world. So whether it’s epicurean delights in Europe, luxury dude ranches for the family in Montana or hot-air balloon rides at sunrise over the Serengeti, we’ll help to create cherished memories that last a lifetime.


Virtuoso is the industry’s leading luxury travel network. Lake Shore Travel is one of just 300 by-invitation-only agencies in the Virtuoso community. Simply put, Virtuoso agencies are the best of the best. There is no one else you want to entrust with your special travel needs. Experienced, respected and the leader in unparalleled global resources, Virtuoso provides everything travelers need for a luxury vacation.

With over 6,000 elite travel specialists in 22 countries in North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, Virtuoso’s reach extends to over 1,000 of the world’s premiere travel providers and destinations. This worldwide community allows Virtuoso to guarantee exclusive amenities, rare experiences and privileged access all over the world.

Virtuoso’s exclusive network includes superior benefits for travelers that ensure extraordinary journeys you’ll never forget.

Global Connections: Through Virtuoso, Lake Shore Travel benefits from personal contacts at over 1,000 airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts and premier destinations worldwide, ensuring the finest of luxury services.

Unparalleled Expertise: Virtuoso only invites the most experienced, well-traveled people to be counted among their affiliated travel advisors. So Lake Shore Travel experts utilize personal knowledge when custom-designing adventures for you.

Customized Travel Experiences: Your “return on life” is enhanced through luxury travel that is customized to suit your desires, preferences and vacation dreams.

Whether you’re a cruiser, an air traveler, a country-and-experience collector or an independent type, you can be confident that Lake Shore Travel will deliver the adventure you want at the best value possible.


No matter what kind of travel experience you’re looking for, we always have an option that will fulfill your needs. Throughout the year, Lake Shore Travel features vacation specials ranging from quick getaways to seasonal specials to themed holidays and even active and specialty travel. Check in often and explore your options.

Relax and Rejuvenate.

Don’t let the everyday rat race run your life. Take some time to slow down and indulge in you. Recharge in a day-to-day spa, yoga sanctuary or other mind, body & soul retreat. Let your cares melt away on one of our sublime vacations here.

Mini Vacations.

Discover how just a few days away from the daily grind can be incredibly rewarding. Reignite romance with Christmas shopping in New York City, ski along the incredible Rockies or sample wine in Sonoma. Browse our quick getaways here.

Europe’s Best.

Explore Europe your way. Whether you prefer luxurious rail travel through the countryside, adventuresome bike rides, private jets to bustling cities or an elegant river barge to quiet towns, Lake Shore Travel offers the premiere choices available.

V.A.S.T. Explorations.

If you prefer thrilling expeditions, then Virtuoso’s Active & Specialty Travel (V.A.S.T.) suppliers are your link to the unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ve been looking for. Imagine walking on glaciers, backpacking through majestic mountains or sitting at the head chef’s table in Provence. VAST opportunities await you here.

Family Fun.

Family vacations are not only fun, they enhance the family bond. Playing mini-golf with the toddlers, teaching teens how to ski or picnicking in national parks brings out the best in everyone. Find family fun vacations for all ages here

Looking Beyond (Landing Content)

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Psychic Relationship Readings

Human relationships can be the most complex interactions of our daily lives. Sometimes it can be hard to say what you mean or even understand how you really feel. Many times communicating seems harder than it should be. If you’re having trouble in a relationship, psychic readings can help you get clarity about what is happening between you and the other person.

Perhaps you and your loved one seem to have been fighting more recently. Or perhaps the other person doesn’t seem to be listening to you. Or maybe you’re not sure how you feel, so telling them what is going on with you is particularly difficult. Psychic love readings from one of Looking Beyond’s Master Psychics will help you focus on your core issues with the other person so you can address them accordingly and move to a healthier place with each other.

Of course, our relationships aren’t limited to just our significant other. We have friends, family, co-workers and even pets that we strive to communicate clearly with every day. Psychic relationship readings can help you better understand any number of these relationships. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult time with a parent or child and need to adjust how you talk with them. Or you have to work closely with a new co-worker and you’re not sure how to handle this kind of new, but not very personal relationship. Maybe your pet is acting differently and you want to find out how you can help. Looking Beyond offers both psychic love readings and psychic relationship readings, so you can get guidance no matter what.

For any kind of relationship, psychic readings from a Master Psychic can really help you to soothe your soul and ease your mind. Call 1-800-710-2060 to take the first step to a more healthy relationship today.

Ztech Software (Landing Page Copy)

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You’ve just discovered the easiest way to get discount software online.

BODY COPY: makes it easy to get the exact software you need at the very best prices. How do we do it? First we make sure we’ve got an extensive inventory to choose from. With literally hundreds of products to purchase on our website, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need. For instance, are you looking for the Corel Software that perfectly suits your needs? We’ve got 18 Corel products to choose from including Corel Draw Software, Corel Designer and Corel Paint. Our Adobe inventory includes over 145 products while our Microsoft inventory boasts 320 products. But our large inventory is just the beginning. Then we discount the software – all of it, every single product – to prices that you can really afford. We have prices as low as $37 and $102 on some of the most popular products. And these great prices include a discount on OEM software as well. So if you thought you’d never find cheap discount software anywhere, now you know that is the best place to find discount software online.

But how do you know that buying discount software from us is safe, secure and real? We’re glad you asked. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when buying discount software online from us. Here are a few reasons you can trust us:

Better Business Bureau Member. These guys don’t fool around when it comes to making sure businesses are behaving appropriately. They checked out everything we do and gave us the thumbs up.

Registered Microsoft Partner. Bill Gates likes us; in fact, he likes us so much he gives us 100% real Microsoft Products for our inventory. So when you see discount OEM software from Microsoft (or any other manufacturer for that matter), you can rest assured that Microsoft (or that particular manufacturer) approved of it.

We’re BuySafe Bonded. These folks checked us out thoroughly and ensure that every online purchase is smooth, safe, reliable and doesn’t have any surprises. Which leads us to…

PayPal Verified. When you buy cheap discount software from us you can feel confident that PayPal will recognize us and that your transaction will be easy and efficient.

100% Genuine & Authentic Software Guarantee. Any product you buy at – from Corel Draw software to Microsoft Windows XP to Adobe Acrobat Professional – is guaranteed 100% to be the real thing.

100% Money Back Guarantee. And if that Corel software, Microsoft, Adobe or any other software doesn’t perform the way we claim it will, we’ll give you your money back or an exchange for a similar item.

Excellent Customer Service. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional, efficient, informative and friendly customer service for discount software. We’ll answer emails within 24 – 48 hours (usually less) and ship all orders within 24 hours.

Any other questions about our cheap discount software? How do you get started finding that Corel Draw software or other discount OEM software? It’s super easy. To buy discount software online easily and efficiently, just click here.

Divorce Relief (website content)

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Balance.  Clarity.  Hope.

Divorce can be a very painful, challenging process. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings of anger, resentment, fear and stress as you navigate through these unknown waters. But even though you’ll have to make some tough decisions, this transition can also be an opportunity for positive personal growth.  If you can learn to stay emotionally and physically healthy, a divorce can actually expand your life rather than destroy it.

Divorce Relief™ provides individual counseling and coaching for people considering or going through a divorce as well as those who are beginning their post-divorce lives.

Through a positive, solution-focused and mindfulness-based technique, I help my clients learn healthy coping and self-care skills to build confidence, self-esteem and optimism during an otherwise difficult time.  I work with each client to create a clear, customized approach to transform negative feelings into positive ones. No matter where you are in the process, my goal is to help you replace fear and anger with balance, clarity and hope.



Contemplating divorce can be a scary and confusing mental process.  You might feel shame and responsibility for having thoughts about ending the relationship.  You might not be clear on why you’re not happy.  If you’re seriously considering this life-changing step, it’s important to remember that relationships are complex and they rarely end because of just one reason.  Getting clarity about why you’re in this position and what you really want from the relationship is key to making an informed decision.

Divorce Relief™ can help you:

  • Figure out why couples therapy is not working for you
  • Explore your tangled feelings about this decision and get clarity on them
  • Explore your fears about ending the relationship
  • Effectively create decision making strategies to determine your next best step
  • Plan how/when to tell your spouse, your children, your extended family and friends



Getting a divorce, even if it’s the healthiest choice, is a complex process. Communicating with legal and financial counsel while also coping with your own emotions and those of your children, family and friends can be overwhelming.  But although a divorce will have a dramatic impact on your life, that impact can be positive.

With Divorce Relief™, you’ll learn how to transform negative emotions into positive ones so you can reserve your emotional strength for the new life you build after the divorce. By collaborating with your legal and financial counsel, I can also help manage the pragmatic decisions that must be made at this time.

Divorce Relief™  can help you:

  • Work through feelings of anger, shame and fear so that clear, healthy, long-term decisions can be made for you and your children
  • Grieve the loss of your married life in a healthy way in order to move forward
  • Make good decisions quickly
  • Keep emotionally and physically healthy during this transition
  • Prioritize and complete tasks for your lawyer, mediator or financial planner
  • Figure out how to talk to your children about divorce and effectively parent them during their adjustment
  • Begin thinking positively about the future
  • Build a strong support system: lawyers, financial analysts, therapists, social supports, job counselors



After a divorce is final and all the legal and financial decisions have been put into action, you might still feel lost in your new life.  This is not unusual; the first two years after a divorce are considered the crisis period.  Adjusting to dramatic changes in your living situation, financial position and relationship can be difficult.  But how you handle stress during this time determines how effective you are at creating a happier life as you move forward. The more determined you are to take steps towards positive change during this period, the more successful you’ll be as time goes on. It’s critical to turn your challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Divorce Relief™ can help you:

  • Minimize the impact of divorce on your children by maximizing your emotional and physical health
  • Make long-term, beneficial decisions
  • Let go of anger and resentment to make room for more positive emotions
  • Learn how to have a fulfilling life after divorce
  • Establish your independence and increase confidence
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Return to work/make career change
  • Learn how to date again
  • Find new social supports



As a licensed psychotherapist and dynamic motivational coach, Kaylee Murphy combines innate compassion with extensive training and personal experience to guide individuals through the divorce process.  Dedicated to a brief treatment model, Kaylee’s approach employs positive psychology as well as solution-focused and mindfulness-based techniques to advocate the efficient, safe and positive personal growth of each client.

Kaylee is living proof that the challenges of divorce can be transformed into personal growth opportunities. As a mother of four, she got her graduate degree from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work while her divorce was in process.  Rebuilding and renewing her own life inspired her to support heterosexual and LGBT people through the challenges of divorce.

Kaylee serves the greater Boston area and is available for individual counseling sessions in person and over the phone.  Periodic support groups are also available.

Marketing Material vs. Press Releases

This past Friday one of my consistent clients came to me with a new copywriting project.  She wanted me to write a press release with a hard sell of the benefits of her particular service. She made a common mistake: she assumed that a press release would be written and used the same way as marketing material.  This is simply not the case, and yet plenty of people confuse press releases with marketing material.  My copywriter friends tell me they run into the same problem with their clients. So let me take a moment to explain the difference.

Marketing material is a huge category that encompasses any print or electronic media that sells your product or service, including brochures, websites, radio and TV ads, banners, advertisements, flyers, postcards, sell sheets, product descriptions, direct sales letters and so on.  As a copywriter, when I create your marketing material, I’m focusing on the features and benefits of your product.  The client and I agree on a hard sell or a soft sell and make sure that all the unique selling positions are clearly stated using engaging copy that makes them want to buy.  The goal of any marketing material is to show the consumer that they need this product or service and they need it now.

But press releases are a whole different beast.  Also referred to as “news” releases, they are just that: announcements of news.  These materials do not push the features and benefits of a product or service, though they may certainly explain what the service is or what the product does.  But there should be no “sell” to a press release.  Editors are looking for a news story, so copywriters need to find a news angle for their clients.  You might be launching a new business.  You might have a new product line or hired a new Director Of Marketing.  Maybe you’ve signed on a celebrity spokesperson or have a special limited offer available.  Perhaps you’re responding to a current event with your service (a pizza place brings free pizza to striking union workers).  The point is, a press release must be newsworthy or, quite frankly, an editor will throw it in the “round file” (also known as the wastebasket).

So when you hire a copywriter to write your press release, remember that the goal is to create news about your product or service that peaks the readers curiosity.  Then you can hit them with the hard sell when they visit your website or store.