Trends in the Hotel Industry

According to the same survey 75 percent of hotels are also using a water savings program. A good water conservation program can be very complex; however the mall principles are as such: reduce telltales, help save the environment, and Improve guest comfort. A water conservation program typically Involves better management on the hotel’s water consumption through guest room plumbing, grounds Irrigation, pools and Jacuzzi, kitchens, bars and Ice machines.

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The simple steps towards implementing a water consumption program are install faucet aerators, water-efficient shower heads, and low flow toilets. However, to truly benefit from this practice and maximize savings hotels are also reusing grey-water (waste eater from sinks, showers, laundry rooms, pools) and using it to irrigate their lawns. I feel these are no-brainier tools for any hotel to utilize because they save the hotel’s money in the long term, and help to create a much energy efficient life style, which is very appealing to guests.

I feel that practices such as this will influence my career selection because there are always new ways to cut costs and waste as technology improves and I believe I would have a lot to bring to the table in the hotel industry with ideas of how to better utilize this type of program and how to put CEO friendly raciest in place, in hopes to create a new standard in the industry. The impacts of these implementations benefit both the markets the hotel serves by reducing waste and conserving the markets natural resources, which is very appealing to guests as well.

It will also pay off on hotel owners P&L statements, thus increasing their bottom line. Another great trend in the industry is technology resources such as mobile APS. A mobile app for a hotel would be an application that is downloaded on all Smartened application markets. According to the AH&LA’s 2012 Lodging Survey 23% f hotels are using mobile APS for bookings, and 95% of guests have admitted to booking their rooms through a Online Travel Agency (TOT. ) By hotels offering mobile APS this will allow guests to find hotels, make room and dining reservations, book add-ions such as spa treatments, etc.

I believe this trend will Influence my career selection because by being mobile tech saws It will allow me to capture more guests by working with a hotel creating this type of app show the guests what accommodations are available. This trend would be great for the markets served by he hotel because It will give the market the ability to reach more guests through the hotel’s mobile app such as local restaurants, shopping locations, and recreation areas. The mobile app trend will also benefit the hotel owners because It will give through the ease of access to the hotel’s amenities and add-ions.

Hotels are also becoming more heath conscious. The AH’s 2012 Lodging Survey also shows that 84 percent of responding properties offer exercise, health, and fitness facilities, while 63 percent of respondents restrict smoking in 100 percent of their rooms. This trend ill affect the hotel industry because it will give their business traveling guests more of the amenities they are used to at home, thus making the guests feel more comfortable while at the hotel.

This trend may influence my career selection because I believe this is a great amenity to offer to business and leisure guests, and I would like to work for a company that cares this much for their guest to give them health options while they are away from home. I feel this trend will impact the markets the hotel serves because it will give the guest the option of staying in the local market to ark out at the gym that has been provided by the hotel rather than possibly leaving the market in search of another fitness center.

This trend will also help to one reason why this trend will benefit the hotel owner is because it will keep the guest on the property longer, and make them feel more at home, thus increasing the possibility to spend while on the property. Another trend that is engulfing the hotel industry is social media. In a study by Pew Internet, 72 percent of online adults use social media websites. Social media allows the guest to participate in hotel marketing through the SE Backbone, Twitter, or Foursquare.

A guest can check-in on foursquare, while actually checking-in to the hotel, this will make the guests contacts aware that he or she is visiting a particular hotel with the hotel’s name and location listed for all to see and visit the hotels listing on the site as well by clicking in the hotel’s hyperlink. Foursquare will record places that others like to go and make this information visible for others to see, and users of Foursquare can get coupons and discounts directly from the site. “Per Gardner, social commerce sales will reach $30 billion by 201 5, and en such industry that stands to gain tremendously is hospitality’ (Careen. This statement adds validity to the fact that users of social media are commonly sharing experiences about where to dine, vacation, where to play, and what to see. By hotels tapping into this segment it can enhance brand awareness and attract more guests to the hotel. I believe this trend will influence my career choice because working for a hotel that is using social media will help me to better understand how to identify target markets in the industry. Hotels using social media will impact markets served cause it will give the guests something to rave about, and tell others their story of their stay.

It can impact local markets by displaying other surrounding businesses on the hotels social media page. Social media can impact hotel owners because by using social media effectively it will drive more business that hotels may not have been able to capture through other marketing avenues. “By having guests share advice on popular places to dine, drink, play, and find entertainment, the social knowledge held by a hotel’s own occupants can enhance potential up sell opportunities” (Careen. ) My IANAL trend is hotel’s recent focus on the food and not a famous chef.

In the past few years foodless have been driven to hotel restaurants because of a celebrity chef that is featured at the hotel. Although this is a great way to attract guests, it has become extremely costly in financing such a venture. “However, now meeting planners and leisure guests aren’t focused so much on the chef in the kitchen, but the food on the do more with less. The hotel industry will benefit from this trend if they focus more on the type of food they are preparing and where the food comes from it can speak volumes over a celebrity chef.

I believe this trend will influence my career choice because I would like to be able to manage the type of food the hotel is purchasing, and what foods the hotel is preparing. I feel that serving local sustainable food is essential for all restaurants, and also the hotel industry and I would Jump at the chance to be able to prepare a menu for a hotel that shares the same vision. I believe the impact on the markets served is that guests want to eat conscious foods, and they want to eat great foods. This is something that hotels can achieve to meet the needs of both business and vacation travelers.