Tungsten Industry in China

In 201 3, Axing and Human shared 66% of the total reserves together. Tungsten and tungsten products are mainly used In the fields of tungsten steel, tungsten materials, tungsten chemicals and cemented carbide, wherein cemented carbide has the hugest demand for tungsten. The demand of cemented carbide for tungsten occupies 72% in the European market, 66% in the Japanese market and 54% in the Chinese market. View Complete Report @ http:// www. chinamarketresearchreports. Com/114902. HTML .

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As China controls the total tungsten resources, manages export quota, purchases and stores tungsten resources, as well as implements other tightening policies, the future tungsten ore apply in China, even in the world, will be tight, and the tungsten output growth will slow down. China’s tungsten concentrate output may grow at 3. 0%-6. 0% in 2014-2017. Human Nonferrous Metals, Examine Tungsten, Axing Tungsten Industry, Ghanaian Tungsten and Axing Rare Earth Metals Tungsten act as the major tungsten producers in China.

In recent years, they have extended to upstream and downstream tungsten market through acquisitions in order to enhance competitiveness. Examine Tungsten is the largest tungsten ore producer in Fijian. In 2013, the company acquired 60% stake of Axing Duggan Jigging Mining Co. Ltd. And Haunches Tungsten & Molybdenum Mine, so that its new equity reserves of tungsten ore amounted to 33,000 tons. In addition, the company is actively exploring the downstream.

It took over 100% stake in Alloying Molybdenum Alloy Company under China Molybdenum in 2013 for the construction of a project involved with 2,500 tons of cemented carbide and 9 million mining engineering tools. Ghanaian Tungsten is one of China’s major tungsten ore producers. As of the end of 2013, the company had been able to produce 18,000 tons of ammonium parentage’s and unseen oxide, 5,000 tons of tungsten powder, 6,000 tons of tungsten carbide powder, and 1,100 tons of tungsten carbide series annually.

In 2014, the company Is boosting the construction of 400 tons/a High-performance Solid Carbide Drill (Blank) Technological Transformation Project. Clang Rare Earth Metals Tungsten Is a large tungsten manufacturer In Axing, with a complete Industrial chain. According to Its planning, the company will achieve the dilation capacity: 3,300 tons of tungsten carbide, 6,000 tons of APT, 8,000 tons of tungsten oxide, 6,000 tons of tungsten odder and 4,000 tons of tungsten carbide powder by the end of 2015. Purchase a purchase. PH? Name=114902 .

The report highlights the following: Global tungsten ore reserves, tungsten ore market supply and demand, regional structure. China’s tungsten ore policies, resource reserves, ore types, regional distribution, supply, demand, price and competitive landscape. Import and export of Chinese tungsten market segments (tungsten ores and concentrates, tungsten trioxide, tungsten powder, tungsten wire, etc. ) Operation, tungsten business (capacity, output and sales volume) and development prospects of eight Chinese unseen production enterprises.