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Shoppers Counteract Faltering Economy With Brighter Colors; Comfort Design Leads The Home Furnishings Trend With Exquisite Choices

High Point, NC — Once again, shoppers’ reaction to the state of the economy is setting the mood in fashion and home furnishings. Browns and earth tones dominated when mortgages were safe and credit intact, but typical of an economic downturn, color trends are now moving towards a more uplifting spectrum.

As a new Booz & Company survey found, shoppers are traveling and eating out less often in an effort to save money. Spending more time at home encourages shoppers to revitalize the space they’re living in with cheery furniture. Women’s fashion seems to be dictating the trend, with shoes and handbags in bold, unusual colors that are moving into the home. Fabrics and textures are also stealing some market-share away from micro fibers. Comfort Design’s stationary and motion upholstery furniture gives shoppers cultivated color and fabric choices to refresh a sitting room.

Though a relatively new company, Comfort Design has already established itself as the up-and-coming leader in motion products with uncompromised framing supported by steel-reinforced wood, steel-tiered arms and steel seat boxing. Impeccable construction is the foundation of motion upholstery that also boasts elegant colors that enliven any space.

“Shoppers are clearly doing what they can to stay positive in this economic environment,” says Executive Director of Comfort Design, Phil Cooper. “We wanted to provide them with home furnishings that can elevate a room and a mood, without compromising sturdy, functional construction. We believe our stationary and motion upholstery does just that.”

With exceptional leather pieces in garnet, eggshell, cobblestone, platinum, copper, spice, granite and metallic, Comfort Design’s unique tones give shoppers with discerning tastes unusual ways to easily update their home. But leather isn’t the only option; Comfort Design also gives home furnishings a new feel with jacquards and tighter woven goods.

Times may be tough, but shoppers are recreating their surroundings to keep their spirits up and Comfort Design is helping them put the heart back into their homes