Customer Focus

Customer focus Customer satisfaction and loyalty are two important indicators for business. If organizations can meet customer expectations, it only can help improve customer satisfaction but not loyalty. However, if the quality can exceed customer expectations, It can help improve and sustain customer loyalty. There are tremendous practices for performance excellence in terms of customer focus.

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For example, Identify deferent customer groups and understand their needs, create an organizational culture that encourages feedback and suggestion for Improvement, provide various channels to get feedback from external and Internal of the organization, and enhance customer relationships. It can help the organization Identify the strengths and weakness of their service and products to Improve their quality. There are five key dimensions of service quality, namely reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsiveness. Lets take Lillian Express (Canteen) as an example.

The major customers are Lillian students and teaching staffs. Customers expect to get satisfactory food in a low price in canteen which at least should be lower than fast food restaurants outside campus. Therefore, canteen provides HIKE 12. 5 Sang Shins Rice for students only and other Chinese fast food combo in a price range between HIKE 23 and HIKE 28. Even though the price is much cheaper than other fast food restaurants, the business of canteen is far from satisfaction. Thus, in order to boost its business, canteen provides various ways for customers to give feedback.

For example, they invite students representatives from different years of study and student societies to have a meeting at the beginning of each academic year to know the needs of customers. Because of the adjustment of schooling schedule, students tend to have lunch after pm. Thus, canteen adjust their lunch time till 2:pm and begin to provide afternoon tea afterwards. Canteen also ask the front line waitresses for advice to improve their food and service quality since they directly communicate with the students and know their needs well.

Once the canteen meet an agreement with detent representatives, they will make adjustment according to customers’ needs. They also provide professional on-Job training to waitresses about how to serve professionally in the western restaurant. Besides the service training, chefs and waitresses are also required to wear a mask and gloves when working. If It Is not at the peak hour, some waitresses are willing to talk with students and care about their school work to show their empathy. Nevertheless, customers can get timely help If there Is something wrong with the food.